Monday, 19 April 2021

Is It 'Cos It Is Black..?

Yes, actually. That is indeed the reason this isn't anything like 'the best evidence yet'.

There has never been a documented report of a melanistic puma. Whatever this is, it won't be one.


MrMC said...

Length of tail is a good indication

MrMC said...

There you go : documented but not black as you say:
There have been some incidents of recovered individual animals, often medium-sized species such as the Eurasian lynx, but in one 1980 case a puma was captured alive in Scotland.

Squires said...

“The director of the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig, Eddie Orbell, confirmed the animal was a puma but his conclusion was that the big cat seemed too tame and too well fed to have been living wild.”

The first clue should have been that anyone saw it with their own eyes before it was trapped.

‘“I was very surprised to find that the animal weighed 36 kilos – approximately 80lbs,” he said.

“This is definitely overweight for a female puma.”’

That is definitely 40lbs. under the average for a female cougar.

Dr Evil said...

Obviously a Chupacabra. What else could it be? A cat?

MrMC said...

I must admit, I have met some overweight cougars in my time

MrMC said...

If it sits there staring at you for 15 minutes until you give it some bisuits that smell like a two week old crime scene then probably its a cat

JuliaM said...

"Length of tail is a good indication"

Yes, indeed!

"...but in one 1980 case a puma was captured alive in Scotland."

Ah, yes. In a condition that pointed to it being one of those formerly apocryphal 'released pets' - and thereby proving just how difficult it would be for any to survive and thrive once released.

I believe when she died, her body was preserved in a museum.

"That is definitely 40lbs. under the average for a female cougar."

What are you trying to say?

We've all put on a bit over lockdown!