Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Derek Chauvin Is Already Yesterday's Chip Paper...

...or whatever the US equivalent is:

Oh no! What could the police possibly have seen when they responded that meant this happened? 

Well, luckily, their bodycam footage shows us:

It's that 'sweet, innocent 15 year old' with a whopping knife and about to kill another (black) person. What, seriously, are the police expected to do?

How about instead of protesting the police actions these people act like people, instead of like animals?


James Higham said...

This needs posting to Twitter. I’ll run it as well.

Libertarian said...

More like 15 stone.

ivan said...

So here we see BLM at its best. I suppose they should be thankful that the kid wasn't Burning the car, Looting the nearest electronics store though she did try Murdering the other girl, but I expect the others will make up for those omissions later.

JuliaM said...

"This needs posting to Twitter. I’ll run it as well."

Cheers, James!

"More like 15 stone."

Can't wait for mum (a similar size) to claim poverty as a reason for the kid being in a foster home!

"So here we see BLM at its best."

Predictably, the moment little Makiyah achieved room temperature, mama converted her to a potential paycheck and is now shopping for sleazy lawyers...