Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Find These Dogs...

The 68-year-old woman had taken her cross Brittany Spaniel, Lewis, for a walk on Wednesday afternoon on a residential street in Eccleshill when the three other dogs, said to be Bull Mastiffs, pounced.
She said they came across the road in a line without making a sound before going for Lewis, a rescue dog, prompting her to scream for help as they tore into him.

And people helped, as best they could. No-one over here is armed, which would have been a big help... 

The woman attempted to kick the dogs, others on the street beeped their car horns in a bid to startle the dogs and bring a stop to the attack, while one woman grabbed a hose pipe to spray them with water.
The woman said a man then came “out of nowhere” and took the dogs away, despite people shouting for him not to leave after what had happened.

I really hope some of them had the presence of mind to use their ubiquitous smartphones to get a good image of the thug.  

Lewis, who was stood with “blood pouring all over the floor” was taken to the vets, but it wasn’t good news. His owner, who gave her name as Gwen, said: “They rang me and said I’m really sorry, he’s got 14 very deep wounds and that they’ve gone through to his oesophagus and he needs to be put to sleep.”
“I’m absolutely distraught,” she said. “No-one knows where the man in car the came from, or where he went.
“It was horrific, it was absolutely horrendous. I will never stop hearing my little dog screaming, I couldn’t get them off, I was kicking, kicking and kicking them, they wouldn’t let go.
“It will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

The police have issued an appeal. Although you'd think someone with three large killer dogs would be known in the area already, wouldn't you? 

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “On Wednesday, April 14, police were called to reports of an incident involving a dog that had been attacked by three uncontrolled dogs in the Eccleshill area.
“As a result of the attack, the dog unfortunately had to be put down. Officers have attended and spoke with the owner of dog to establish the circumstances of the incident.
“A crime has been recorded for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control.
“An investigation to identify the owner of the dangerous dogs is underway and enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with any information that may assist with enquiries is asked to contact 101, quoting reference 13210186315.”

Why do I think 'enquiries are ongoing' is police code for 'We're waiting for someone to tell us who owns these things, because god forbid we have to do anything ourselves'? 


Fahrenheit211 said...

A truly appalling story about yet another dog attack. I'm afraid that I share your cynicism about the police here. The phrase 'ongoing enquiries' is more than likely police speak for 'we will do sod all'. Maybe if the owner of the killer dogs had uttered some 'hurty words' we might expected the police to get off their arses? As this does not seem to be the case the police will do nothing about this case just as they've done nothing about many similar cases in the past.

MrMC said...

No crime for our solicitor friend whose dog killed a seal though ?

Anonymous said...

Yet more reasons to bring in Clarkson' s Law.

MTG 1 said...

A typical and consistent result from constable T Orpid.
God save us from all uniformed cretins.

selsey.steve said...

I walk my small terrier-cross (AKA mongrel) daily. I also carry a stick, the last four inches of which are comprised of 3/4" solid steel rod. Should any other dog seek to attack my dog the it will rapidly succumb to a badly fractured skull.
Enough said.

Alan Scott said...

selsey steve
Good hunting! Whack the owner as well, while you're at it!

JuliaM said...

"Maybe if the owner of the killer dogs had uttered some 'hurty words' we might expected the police to get off their arses?"

Maybe natural justice will prevail once more, and the police will knock on the chap's door one day and be on the wrong end of their teeth?

"Should any other dog seek to attack my dog the it will rapidly succumb to a badly fractured skull."

Great if you've got the strength to do so - but small children and pensioners rarely do.

"Whack the owner as well, while you're at it!"