Thursday, 1 April 2021

Question: How Do You Guarantee More Extreme Demands?

Answer: by cravenly giving in at the first sign of defiance: 

The headteacher of a London school at the centre of a discrimination row has caved in and agreed to take down the Union Jack, amend 'racist' uniform rules and review the curriculum after pupils staged a mass protest.
Look at what they are demanding...that a UK school should not fly the UK flag!
Pimlico Academy has been at the centre of a mutiny by students and teachers alike this week after uniform rules were announced forbidding colourful hijabs and hairstyles that 'block people's view' - policies which critics claimed would penalise Muslims and people with Afro hairstyles at the school, where three quarters of children are from ethnic minorities.

So this acadamy is teaching pupils that 'my right to be myself' trumps other students' right to see the lesson? 

The British flag had been removed and burnt by pupils in September before it was put back up. Over the weekend, anti-flag graffiti appeared on the school walls saying 'Ain't no black in the Union Jack', 'White schools for brown kids are u mad' and 'Pimlico by racists...for profit'.

If that's how they feel, then maybe a school overseas in Nigeria or Saudi Arabia would be more to their liking? 

The school's headmaster Daniel Smith has now acquiesced to some of the pupils' demands and even praised the protesters, saying the flag will come down 'pending a review'.
He said in a statement: 'The right to protest is a civil liberty which, in the United Kingdom, we all enjoy, one that was hard fought-for and which not everyone in the world is fortunate to have.
'Our students are bright, courageous, intelligent young people, passionate about the things that matter to them and acutely attuned to injustice. I admire them hugely for this though I regret that it came to this.'

Do you think employers all over the country are looking at this and saying 'Ah, must get the HR Department to look out for applications from Pimlico Academy students', David..?

Well, actually, they probably are. Maybe not for the reasons you may think, though.   

He added: 'The issue of the flying of the Union flag was discussed at length. We acknowledge that this symbol is a powerful one which evokes often intense reactions. We have listened to the concerns of students, parents and the wider community about it.
'After Easter, we will conduct a review of this and, as part of that, consult with all the academy's stakeholders to elicit their feedback. In the meantime, and until that review is concluded, the Union flag will not be flown at the academy.'

Why bother to hold the review, when you've already shown that, faced with the slightest pressure, you fold like a pack of cards? 


Bucko said...

"Our students are bright, courageous, intelligent young people"

And after they've graduated, thick as mince with no prospects people. The next generation of benefit scroungers

APL said...

"mutiny by students and teachers alike"

Found your problem right here.

Robert the Biker said...

Listen to nigger whining, get more nigger whining! I would employ no one from this or similar "academies" until I had done a series of tests for literacy and numeracy, because I could not trust any results from such a place, the idea that they must all be passed out as wonderful and budding brain surgeons.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't like this on Grange Hill...

ivan said...

One has to question just what the teaching staff are actually teaching especially when the kids are holding up BLM (burn, loot, murder) as something to be respected.

There should be NO discussion about flying the British flag - the school is in England after all.

It sounds very much as if the ones making the most noise about the rules are those that belong to 'families' that have wormed their way into the country and are now living off of the British tax payer - not a way to improve the country. The kids need to learn that they are living in the UK now and have to abide by the law and rules of the British people and the teachers should have been teaching that.

selsey.steve said...

The headmaster should have made one statement..."All sudents who took part in this incident are hereby expelled. Any applicant wishing reinstatement must agree to and sign an agreement that this School is solely for educatioal purposes and that any disagreement with curiculum content and the freedom of speech will not be tolerated. Expulsion will not result in the reimbursment of school fees."

Ted Treen said...

Many years ago, William Golding showed us in "Lord of the Flies" the result of removing boundaries and rules from youngsters. This adulation - deification almost - of the young (especially ethnic minorities) has led us into a very sorry place.

JuliaM said...

"The next generation of benefit scroungers"

I'm sure at least some of them can master 'Do you want a drink with that meal?'...

"Found your problem right here."

Yes, it seems this is the result of them finding the headmaster a martinet. And now they've learned he's merely a paper tiger.

"I would employ no one from this or similar "academies" until I had done a series of tests for literacy and numeracy.."

And integrity, which is arguably more important.

"There should be NO discussion about flying the British flag - the school is in England after all."

Indeed. So why is there going to be?

"The headmaster should have made one statement..."

If he'd had the balls, this would have prevented the spread. I bet we see more 'protests' like this one now.

"Many years ago, William Golding showed us in "Lord of the Flies" the result of removing boundaries and rules from youngsters."

What do you want to bet the majority of these 'educators' have never read it?