Friday, 27 June 2008

Just Another Dead Baby, Nothing To See, Move Along….

A 30-year-old mother whose baby son died from a drug overdose has been jailed for five years for manslaughter.
Another of those flash-in-the-pan, hard to predict, totally-out-of-the-blue cases no doubt…? Oh, yes, it seems so:
Ex-prostitute Sabrina Ross would regularly collapse at her Bristol home, leaving 14-month old son Rio access to her Class A drugs.

On the night he died, Ross had gone out to buy drugs and returned to find him dead after drinking methadone.
Yup, no-one could possibly have forseen that this child might meet a bad end at the hands of his mother!
The judge at Bristol Crown Court said she had created an "unsafe" environment for the baby.
No shit, Sherlock Your Honour….
Prosecutor Giles Nelson said: "During the night of July 20 and 21 last year the defendant was clearly more concerned about her consumption of illegal drugs than she was about the welfare of her child."
Yes, quite unlike all other junkies. It’s a real mystery, this one….
After the case Claude Knights, of the charity Kidscape, said: "This case underlines the need for vigilance and a support network around the mother, including the social services and the extended family."
If you like, Claude. Most normal people would think it underlines the need to immediately remove a baby from an ex-prostitute mother catastrophically addicted to drugs until she’d kicked the habit, but your mileage might vary…

All together now, for a rousing chorus of the Social Worker’s Anthem: ‘We must learn lessons from this unfortunate and totally unforseen case….’

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Anonymous said...

It's also "a wake-up call" and "a neighbour - who did not disclose her name - said that Ross lived quietly but was a wonderful mum to Rio who was a lovely bouncy boy"