Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Thin Blue Line

The police come in for criticism occasionally, on this blog and on others, but it’s on their own blogs that the true reality of this modern society that progressives are so proud of can be shown.

Two that I read today bear witness to that. They are posts that, for the most part, highlight the depressing effects of the welfare state on some communities.
Yes, we rightly criticise them when they overstep the bounds, due to political correctness or a need to chase ever more bizarre government targets.

But never forget what they have to deal with…


Anonymous said...

Goodness. I agree.

Your problem is DC et al. Your lot will be exactly the same as this lot. maybe a bit more toffee-nosed, but essentially the same animal.

You're all Thomas Gradgrind or his distant cousin, Milton Friedman.


Anonymous said...

"Your problem is DC et al."

Not sure why the elected leader of the Conservatives is my problem, exactly. I don't have to vote for them, after all.

"..maybe a bit more toffee-nosed.."

Ah, only a Total Twat could look at the educational and social background of most of the Labour team, then cry 'toff!' (without even a pause for reflection) at the Conservatives.. :)

John M Ward said...

I am pleased that you are reading at least a couple of the generally excellent real-world Police 'blogs, including Nightjack. I have long carried links to several of these on my own blogroll, and have referred to one or another of them on several occasions in my own posts.

The real world is out there -- not within the walls of the Palace of Westminster. You know that, I know that; but our elected representatives at national level don't seem to understand what is really happening -- though at least the Conservatives are trying to get a better feel for it all.

Although no-one yet has this broad subject area completely surrounded, the scrapping of top-down target-setting is an essential first (major) step in the right direction. Thus the direction of the start of the journey of sensible and useful reform is now obvious.