Monday, 2 June 2008

Things Fall Apart, The Centre Cannot Hold..

Another new scheme to address societal wrongs shore up the radical feminist vote is falling into disarray due to Labour's uncanny ability to fail to join up government plans:
New measures to protect victims of domestic violence have been put on hold because prisons are so overcrowded, it was claimed last night.

The Government had planned to introduce new restraining orders for violent partners last July, yet they have still not been issued and no explanation had been given for the delay.

Now, Equality Minister Baroness Thornton has admitted they have been shelved because of “pressures on the prison population”.
Whoops! Over in care homes, meanwhile:
Tens of thousands of migrants are working with vulnerable elderly people in care homes without undergoing full criminal record checks, The Times has learnt.
Good thing it's only foreign migrants, and the system is working perfectly back...home...oh:
The Home Office paid £8million to a firm run by a man jailed for arranging a murder.

The shambolic department failed to make checks on former police officer Mark Ayres.


Anonymous said...

Proposals to change things still absent from attached tirade I note


Anonymous said...

I'd have thought they were obvious to anyone with a brain....

Oh. Yes, I can see the problem there for you.