Sunday, 29 June 2008

When The Weather Is Fine, You Know It's The Time...

...for messin' about on the river:
River police have carried out raids on pleasure boats on the Thames in London as part of a new summer campaign to clamp down on drugs and weapons. Officers used search arches, handheld scanners and search dogs to search people boarding the boats.

"We know that a small minority of people are using drugs and carrying weapons on party boats," said Ch Insp Derek Caterer.

"They wrongly assume that because they're on the water the police can't reach them.

"This operation is all about clamping down on the violence and drugs that can be a feature of night life on the Thames."
Wow! Last time I was on a Thames party boat, the most dangerous thing on it was the rather dodgy catering, and the slippery gangplank that you used to get on and off. So, how many tooled up gangsters did this massive operation net?
During the operation on Friday, four people were arrested on suspicion of cannabis possession. They are currently being held in police custody.

Five other people were given warnings for possession of cannabis.
Still, it was a nice evening, and it beats pounding the mean streets of the capital. Mind how you go, officer!

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