Saturday, 7 June 2008

'Journalistic Integrity'. What's That Supposed To Mean Again...?

A journalist has received a police caution after supplying alcohol to teenagers who were later involved in violence that left one in a coma.
Ahh, the MSM. It has such high standards...
The 28-year-old journalist, who has not been named, was working for a news agency at the time.

He allowed the 16-year-olds to keep the alcohol when the shoot finished.

Officers believe the pictures were taken for a national newspaper which had launched a campaign to tackle underage drinking.

They refused to name the journalist involved.
'When the shoot was finished'...? In other words, they needed to do a piece on underage drinking, so they bought some alcohol, and gave it to some underage kids...? Classy!

Let's hope their next feature isn't on knife crime...

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