Monday, 2 June 2008

More Foxes Put In Charge Of Henhouses

It seems some town halls have been caught providing a service for their true client base:
Town halls are referring would-be squatters to a far-Left group selling a £2 DIY guide on how to break into and occupy empty homes.

The squatters' handbook advises them to force entry through back entrances or open windows, carry a crowbar and claim they are 'clearing the drains' if stopped.
I wonder which councils...?
The housing departments of councils such as Durham and Doncaster as well as Hackney, Islington, Brent, Camden and Hounslow in London, refer those who do not have a house to the Advisory Service for Squatters via their websites. The Home Office also consults the organisation on its equality policies.
Pretty much the ones I'd have guessed then!

I wonder if a homeowner would have a legal case against a council if it could be proved that squatters were directed to the property by them?


Anonymous said...

1. once they're in "possession" of the house, squatters have a legal right to maintain occupation until a court orders otherwise
2. proving illegal entry once the squatters are in possession is, in practice, almost impossible
3. homeowners are the suckers who obey the law and pay council tax - why should they have any say in what happens to their property
4. the present raft of judges mostly came to "maturity" during the 60s and 70s when squatting was in its right-on heyday so tend to bend backwards not to apply the full rigour (such as it is) of the law

I would be pleasantly surprised if a homeowner could mount any kind of successful action against the councils involved

BTW, it's not only "far-Left" groups advising squatters. Shelter which received almost £3 million from the government (ie you and me) in 2007 provides advice. To be fair, Shelter's advice is how to exploit the law rather than break it (although I don't think , for one, would appreciate the distinction).

Anonymous said...

Trouble with the tags - the last phrase should read:
(although I don't think Richard Murphy, for one, would etc etc)

Anonymous said...

You're probably right, but let's at least hope the publicity shames them into removing the links.

Ah, what am I saying? There's no shaming most councils...