Tuesday, 24 June 2008

'Unexplained'...? No, Not Really...

A talented A-level student was stabbed to death in a ‘mindless and unprovoked’ attack by a drunken youth who had been released from custody only three days earlier.

Mr Macdonald (prosecution) said: ‘This was an unprovoked attack by Brook on an unarmed person. In effect it was an unexplained attack.’
Was it though? Well, no, not really. Let's take a look at Brook's history, shall we?

Alcoholic and drug addict from 'a very early age'
Age 12 - in care
Age 13 - received first custodial sentence

Total number of court appearances before murdering Hassan - 44!

No, not so unexplained. He was consistently let off by a weak justice system hidebound by liberal theories and 'one last chance' magistrates, starved of funding and space, and unable to cope with serial offenders who flout court orders because there are no comebacks on them - ever!

The stabbing itself may be unexplained, in the sense that the young man he stabbed to death (a model pupil with a bright future) was doing his best to avoid a confrontation and was murdered for no reason. But who could possibly say, looking at the criminal record of this waste of oxygen, that this was truly 'unexplained' in the full meaning of the word?


Mark Wadsworth said...

The phrase "entirely predictable" springs to mind.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it really does, sadly...

Bill Quango MP said...

very good point.
Forty Four offences... FFS.

If only it was an isolated case.

Old BE said...

I get so angry when I read about these things. It seems to happen ALL THE BLOODY TIME.

Anonymous said...

So chaps.

What you gonna do ? it's cool to moan. It's what you lot do best.

But to do something about youth crime...that'd be a thing.

Your system of Government makes violence and distrust inevitable.

The very values you seek to embrace, freedom, the family, decency, have all been brought to the ground in flames by your own politics and economic controls.

Course, DC...he'll be there won't he ?...fighting on the streets for liberty that is.

Right alongside the guy on the motorbike called long rider I suspect.

Not !


Anonymous said...

"The very values you seek to embrace, freedom, the family, decency, have all been brought to the ground in flames by your own politics and economic controls."

Oh, yeah. Of course *slaps forehead*

It was the forces of conservatism that went soft on crime and punishment. And there was me thinking it was the parasitical left....

John M Ward said...

Well, no-one in Government in recent decades has been perfect in their approach to crime, and in particular in keeping abreast of all that was bubbling away beneath the surface and being prepared for the next wave of new offences.

Even so, it has to be acknowledged (including by the slightly sneering anonymous [typical!] commenter here) that matters were vastly better than they are now, just a decade or so ago.

That really tells the story.

Undoing the damage will take time, especially if things worsen before a change in Government, which is one reason (among many) that we really need a General Election now -- not delayed by up to two years, as currently anticipated

Letters From A Tory said...

Seeing as Labour are telling judges not to put people in jail because we don't have enough space, these nightmares will keep coming true for many innocent victims.

Shame on the government.

Old BE said...

What TT is really saying is "everything is for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds".

How proud we can be of New Britain's utopia.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I quite like old Voltaire as it goes. Alongside our very own Jonathan Swift they make and interesting philosphical pair.

They might have been toffs but (just perhaps) a less market-driven than you lot.

If you guys really think you're gonna change "Feckless Britain" by electing anyone from our current representatives, you're barking mad.

In fact, you must be living in a completely different reality from myself. Now all we have to work out is

Who is deluded ?


Bill Quango MP said...

Now all we have to work out is

Who is deluded ?


"I'll give you one guess and a clue. The clue is its you."