Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Data Security...? What Data Security!

Determined not to be outdone by a couple of nameless civil servants leaving papers on trains, Hazel Blears, Community Minister (hah!) has gone one better:
A personal computer holding sensitive documents relating to defence and extremism has been stolen from Hazel Blears' constituency office in Salford.

The machine contained a combination of constituency and government information which should not have been held on it.
Oh, yeah. These are the people to trust with ID cards and an NHS database, all right....
The spokesman said "none of the departmental material included sensitive personal data about the public or would be of use to criminals".

He added: "The PC did not contain any secret or top secret information and the contents of the PC are protected and clearly this is now subject to a routine police investigation."
If the thief is reading this, try 'password'. I doubt Blears could remember anything trickier.

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