Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The RSPCA Know Who The Real Victims Are....

This is not really 'news', it's something that anyone with a brain could have predicted:
The number of dog fights being reported has risen 15-fold in four years, according to figures from the RSPCA. The RSPCA is holding a conference to discuss ways of tackling the problem of owners using their dogs as a status symbol and to frighten people.
But the RSPCA has identified the real problem with this phenomenon:
The RSPCA's Clare Robinson told the BBC that aggressive dogs are a big problem, which is related to gang violence in inner city areas.

She said: "Anecdotal evidence from our inspectors and from some police officers suggest that some of these individuals feel that the police will do something about it if they carry a knife or they carry a gun.

"But they're not so interested if they have got a dog that is aggressive or dangerous. And so it causes us great concern when we see the welfare of these dogs not being protected properly."
Thinking she might have gone a bit too far, she added:
"And obviously, for the local communities, they're being put at risk by having dangerous dogs out there on the street."
But it's a good indicator about where some people's priorities lie...

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