Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Death By A Thousand Cuts

Not planning on commenting much on the Boris Johnson/James McGrath manufactured 'racism ' affair, mainly because I'm doing it on the comment thread at 'CiF', and because Pub Philosopher and Fulham Reactionary have covered it perfectly.

This bears repeating, from FR's post:
The justification given for McGrath's sacking, by Johnson and others, is that, while McGrath's comments were not racist, they might have given rise to a public perception that the man who made them was. However, this is a public perception (or perhaps only an illusion of one) that is formed and driven by the left, and which will only be given credence by the Tories caving in as easily as they have done.
Indeed. If these are the 'New Tories', what exactly distinguishes them from 'New Labour', other than the colour of the rosette...?


Anonymous said...

Interviewed on BBC 10:00 News last night, Boris said that he had discussed this with Cameron although - Boris emphasised - he wasn't leant on by anyone. You're right - that makes it worse. When somebody of Boris's intelligence and apparent independence makes this kind of obeisance to the Left's norms - and violates common sense while he's about it (OK that's always so where the Left is concerned) - what difference is there between the Cameroons and the Brownites/Blairites?

An appropriate response to this non-event would have been a raspberry in the direction of Wadsworth and Howe. Despite Boris's claims, the suspicion must be that Boris was "warned off" by CCHQ while letting Cameron concentrate his efforts on important issues like getting rid of Greenwich Mean Time.

Anonymous said...

"Despite Boris's claims, the suspicion must be that Boris was "warned off" by CCHQ..."

Yes. Since he's going to get this kind of attack anyway, better to stand up to it now and fight it off.

The more I hear of Cameron, the more I despise the man...