Monday, 2 June 2008

Sense Of Proportion Needed Urgently...

It appears that someone has a bit too much time on his hands:
Students have been condemned for branding people from Cornwall as "inbreds" on a website. Imperial College in London apologised and the message has been taken down from the students' union website.

The message was discovered when a Cornish councillor put the words "Cornish" and "inbred" into an internet search engine.
Wow! I didn't know they even had computers down there.... ;)
Councillor Graham Hicks of Kerrier District Council, said: "I had heard the words 'Cornish' and 'inbred' together in pubs and decided to Google them.

"I was horrified at what came up.

"It is not harmless banter, being called an inbred is highly offensive."

He said he would continue to monitor websites that used the phrase.
Nice to know he doesn't have anything more pressing to deal with. Like, maybe, pasty rustling...


Anonymous said...

Obviously its ok to say that then.


Anonymous said...

Show me the law that says it isn't ok to say that...

Not the one you pulled out of your arese, either, Total Twat.