Sunday, 29 June 2008

What Councils Are Spending Your Money On....

....salt shakers with fewer holes:
...councils believe they have found a better use for their money: reducing the number of holes in chip shop salt shakers.

Research has suggested that slashing the holes from the traditional 17 to five could cut the amount people sprinkle on their food by more than half.

And so at least six councils have ordered five-hole shakers – at taxpayers’ expense – and begun giving them away to chip shops and takeaways in their areas.
I'd be a lot happier if they paid some attention to the huge holes in the roads in my area, frankly.
Gateshead Council defended its decision. A spokesman said: ‘Research carried out by us discovered customers were often receiving huge quantities of salt with their fish and chips – up to half their daily allowance. The council was so disturbed it decided to commission a manufacturer to produce a salt shaker with fewer holes, which it distributed free to every fish and chip shop and hot food takeaway in Gateshead.

We believe the cost to be a small price to pay for potentially saving lives.’
Well, of course you believe the cost is a small price to pay! It isn't your bloody money!

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