Tuesday, 24 June 2008

'Could Do Better. See Me After School....'

Following on from yesterday's story, it seems that schools are becoming emboldened by policies that seek to reverse the parent/child relationship to the point that they are sending notes home to mum & dad:
Parents cleaning out their child's lunchbox at the end of the school day could be in for a nasty surprise — a scolding note from teacher alongside the half-eaten sandwiches and empty crisp packets.

The School Food Trust wants teachers to send out warning letters to parents who fail to comply with school healthy-eating policies. And in advice that could be seen as patronising, the government-funded body suggests further that they send congratulatory letters to those who pack healthy lunches for their children.
Note the language being used - 'fail to comply'...
In guidance sent as an example to head teachers and governors, the trust lists the foods pupils should not take to school: crisps, chocolate bars, chocolate-coated biscuits and sweets. “Cakes and biscuits are allowed but encourage your child to eat these only as part of a balanced meal,” it says.
House of Dumb has it right - remember this at the next PTA when your child's teacher whines about cutbacks and lack of Government investment as a reason your child can't read and write - this is what they are doing instead of teaching.


Anonymous said...

For the only full year available - year ended 31 March 2007 - the School Food Trust cost the country £7 million. Its chief executive (Judy Hargadon) received no less than £100,000 in pay and pension contributions.

While I'm on the subject, Ms Hargadon is typical of the useless - but incredibly expensive - parasites infesting the apparatus of the state. Although Ms Hargadon - obviously being a shy soul although the SCT's chief executive - does not feature on the search facility on the SFT website it's enough to know that her distinguished career has embraced being Professor [*] of Healthcare Workforce Innovation (London South Bank University); Director, New Ways of Working NHS Modernisation Agency; Chief Executive of the Croydon Community NHS Trust.

When the time comes for retirement to her villa in Tuscany, rest assured (Dame) Judy Hargadon will enjoy her generous inflation-proofed pension and will be able to look back on many years of fruitful endeavour (for her) and fruitless but expensive non-endeavour (for us)

* I reckon the only people who aren't "professors" at LSBU are the students.

Anonymous said...

"Its chief executive (Judy Hargadon) received no less than £100,000 in pay and pension contributions."

Nice 'work' if you can get it. Wonder where she sends her kids..?

This sums up the problems - even changing the party in power does nothing to uproot the people actually running the institutions...

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes. Its shocking. But DC won't do any better. Poking fun may be fun but it don't change a thing in the world of child nutrition.

The nanny/welfare state could be said to have been safeguarded by Harold Macmillan in his tenure of office. He was one of yours of course.
Much as now, the whole of British political life was rendered impotent by Concensus and two lots of posh people trying to be better at running capitalism whilst running around in ever-decreasing circles,ameliorating the worst aspects of Gradgrind.

And later, your hero, Mad Margaret, took school milk away of course.

A fine example of what the right can do when un-checked.

As a Government, it is legitimate to try and improve the health of the people ?

Various administrations have done this over time. Mostly, the history of such things is the more right wing you are, the less you would interfere productively with the lower orders.

Where it all goes wrong is in the sociological growth of bureaucracy and the corrupting influence of political power.

Educating parents what to feed their children is probably a good thing? Doing so in this oppressive way is symptomatic of modern Britain. Labour or Tory.

You're all in league with the devil


Anonymous said...

Morning Total Twat! I see flies aren't the only things that come out in good weather...

"your hero, Mad Margaret, took school milk away of course."

And that has what to do with this...?

"As a Government, it is legitimate to try and improve the health of the people?"

That's what government standards are for - making sure food is ok for sale and preventing sharp practice in manufacturing.

Choosing what your citizens stick in their mouths...? Not so much...

"You're all in league with the devil"

Hey! Freedom of religion, you know..! I could have you up before the courts for that nowadats... ;)