Friday, 6 June 2008

You Youngsters Don’t Know You’re Born….

….says aging hard man Charles Bronson in a letter to a prison journal:
In a letter to prison journal Inside Time, Bronson claims that jail is "no longer porridge, it's cornflakes" and hit out at those who complain about conditions despite having access to TVs, radios and CDs.

"I just wish some of you cons could live my existence for just a month, then and only then you'd wake up and start to appreciate just what you have got; TV, radios, CDs, carpets, curtains, flasks, own clothes, open visits, phone calls, gym, pool, canteen - even the food is not so bad.

"Accept it, be grateful for it, and stop moaning about pathetic things."

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Longrider said...

That's the trouble with young 'uns today; too damned young. They weren't that young in my day.