Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Umm, What..?

The new media was full of reports yesterday about the 15 year old girl found stabbed to death in a block of flats near Waterloo, mainly because of the fact that it is rare for girls to be stabbed to death (at least, so far it is...), and it was assumed at the time that it was yet another gang-related killing. Not so:
Police later arrested a man in his 30s on Hungerford Bridge, a footbridge over the Thames about half a mile from the murder scene. It is believed he was known to the girl or her family.

The Metropolitan Police said the murder was not thought to be gang-related.
It was, however, a comment from the 'Telegraph' report that struck me as a little odd:
A detective reportedly said that the girl from Eritrea had been "the subject of unwanted attention from a man who developed an obsession with her".

He said: "There is a suggestion that she met him through a church group, but it was unrequited love, she didn’t want to know.
Don't we normally have slightly different words used to describe a 30+ year old man stalking a 15 year old schoolgirl....?

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