Monday, 2 June 2008

'Sensible Article On CiF' Shocker!

Over at 'Comment Is Free', a posting saying something sensible has finally got through:
It turns out that, although we of course care about future generations and the people of low-lying Pacific islands, most of us don't care all that much. We're prepared to make sanctimonious gestures and attend the occasional concert of clapped-out superstars' appalling music. But we're not apparently prepared to sacrifice our welfare or our lifestyles, and we've been letting our rulers know.

No comments yet, but I think this'll be one to watch...


Anonymous said...

I raised a weary eyebrow at the imperfect nature of your reponse and thought "don't do as I do,do as I say"

Which is quite a toffish thing to do init ?


Anonymous said...

Again with the 'toff' remarks. This troll is pretty poor, as trolls go.

If you ever get a new line of attack, I'll eat my (top) hat.