Thursday, 6 November 2008

'Diversity' Grudge Match in 3...2...1

Oh, dear. It seems in their haste to elect the Messiah, a cherished policy for the Dems has been thrown under the bus:
Although the president-elect opposed the gay marriage ban, it appears his supporters may have helped pass the measure that was vociferously opposed by many white Democrats.
Ooops! Still, there's hope, and change too, possibly on the way:
But gay rights campaigners, who spend tens of millions of dollars fighting to oppose Proposition 8, have vowed not to admit to defeat. A petition to dismiss the measure on the grounds that decision of such importance should be taken by state legislatures rather than voters has already been filed to the Supreme Court.
That's going to be an interesting argument to make:

"Your honour, the people weren't important enough to make a decision on Prop 8!"

"Hmm, yet they were important enough to vote for Obama, eh...?"


Anonymous said...

I was delighted to learn that it was "Obama wot won it" in California. Whilst I don't care about gay marriage in the slightest it will be fun to wind up lefties with that factoid for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, I think we'll have a lot to wind lefties up with for the next couple of years...

Anonymous said...

And as if on cue:

Poor kid!