Friday, 7 November 2008

Another One Laughing At The ‘Law’….

A drunken thug who was spared prison for an unprovoked attack on a mother-of-two bragged about being let off on Facebook.
Because it's not like anyone couldn't check...
Liam Jepson, 22, was ordered to do community service for punching Caroline Stankevitch in the face, breaking her cheekbone, when she asked him to stop urinating by her car.

A court was told he accepted his behaviour was 'reprehensible'. However, later that evening Jepson posted a message on the social networking site, saying: 'Liam haz just escaped a jail sentence haha.'
Judges and magistrates always believe that people are truly contrite. Weren’t any of them ever parents?
Mrs Stankevitch said she was appalled by her attacker's shameless taunt.

The 40-year-old, who runs her own business with her husband Paul, 44, said: 'I think it's absolutely disgusting - he obviously has no remorse.

'To find out he wasn't locked up, and then to hear him saying this, it really does add insult to injury.'
Welcome to the ‘justice’ system, Mrs Stankevitch. Just think yourself lucky that your 17-year-old son and the manager of the pub, who intervened on your behalf, weren’t charged with assaulting this waste of skin…
Jepson - who had a previous conviction for assault and had been drinking - claimed he had acted in self-defence but was convicted after a trial.

Although the charge carries a maximum of five years in jail he was given a community service order after his lawyer insisted he knew his actions were wrong.
Well, of course he knew they were wrong! He’d done it before, after all. Presumably, on that occasion, his lawyer’s excuse was that he didn’t know it was wrong!
John Barnes told the court: 'He does accept he did act aggressively, that his conduct is reprehensible and cannot be condoned.' Jepson was given a 12-month community order, ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work and told to pay Mrs Stankevitch £125 compensation.
Not sure why he ‘accepts that it cannot be condoned’. It pretty much just has been by our useless ‘justice’ system…

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Anonymous said...

£125 for a fractured cheekbone, probably payable at 50p per month. Once again, justice has been done.

Even five years ago a thug punching a woman in the face and breaking her cheekbone would have got time, guaranteed.