Thursday, 27 November 2008

Our New Generation…

A wedding party experiences the cream of British chavdom, to their detriment:
Prosecutor Marcus Fletcher said: "It was around midnight that they discovered some males had gatecrashed the wedding reception party. They were challenged, most of them went without argument, however this defendant became loud, argumentative, abusive and aggressive.

"He kicked over a flamed torch alight in the garden.

"He said: 'If you don't turn the music down, I'm going to cut you."'

Mr Fletcher said Mr Pattenden Hunt had described Gould as looking like "a crazed being".
No, just an everyday member of NuLabour’s grand social experiment. Unemployable, uncontrollable, and coming to a….well, wherever they want, actually. Who will stop them?
Anthony Loader, mitigating, told the court Gould had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, but insisted he had in fact said: "Turn the music down or I will shut it up."

Mr Loader said Gould had been unable to sleep on the night of the party and had gone into the kitchen to make something to eat.

Gould he said had been drinking previously, heard the music then snapped.

He entered the party with the knife in his pocket but had no intention to use it.

He said: "He is a young man who needs to change his life. He recognises he has problems with control, anger management and alcohol."
Now, there’s optimism, Mr Loader!

Why, exactly, should he ‘change his life’? After all, his life seems to be working out quite nicely for him, doesn’t it? He has a roof over his head, money to buy drink (although I can’t find a job referred to in any of the newspaper articles, even though the victim is described as a ‘landscape gardener’…) and he can go on a rampage without fear of much punishment whatsoever for wrecking a hard working couple’s wedding day.

After all, as the ‘Sun’s report describes, he had the cheek to give the ‘thumb’s up’ sign as he left the dock…
Sentencing Gould today at Lewes Crown Court, judge Richard Hayward said: "You became annoyed by the music and had been drinking. You telephoned the police, but instead of leaving it to them you decided to take action yourself."

He said the case demonstrated the dangers of carrying a knife and the injuries which could be caused by such blades.
No, it’s a demonstration of how far the UK has sunk that we have creatures like Gould roaming the streets, uncurbed by the law from acting like animals.

And to illustrate that:
Gould, he added, possessed a "bad record" with sixteen past convictions for 42 offences.

Mr Hayward sentenced Gould to 15 months in prison for possession of a knife and 21 months for each of the two wounding charges, to run concurrently.
Well, that sure showed him! No wonder he gave the ‘thumb’s up’ sign. It’s a wonder he didn’t use the two fingers instead. Although it seems the judge beat him to it there….


Anonymous said...

He may receive real punishment when - as seems inevitable - he murders someone. At that point we'll have an avalanche of whining from NACRO and the Howard League pleading that a guy with his background didn't stand a chance to lead an honest life. Anyway for "murder while being a useless, idle scrote" a tearful apology to the family of his victim plus 120 hours of community service would be far more appropriate than banging him up. After all, as we all know, "imprisonment doesn't work" unless it's used to enforce the payment of the BBC licence fee.

Anonymous said...

I do have a sneaking sympathy for him - noise drives me bonkers as well, especially late at night as it carries further. Still, doesn't justify stabbing someone though.

Anonymous said...

"After all, as we all know, "imprisonment doesn't work" unless it's used to enforce the payment of the BBC licence fee."

Very true!

"I do have a sneaking sympathy for him - noise drives me bonkers as well..."

I think the noise (and the subsequent phone call to the police) was a bit of a red herring, to be honest...