Tuesday, 25 November 2008

'Learning Lessons'? I Think They Are Incapable Of That...

Back when this incident was in the headlines, I recall saying:
If any good comes from this case, hopefully it will be that police are never, ever again given license to test equipment on a public road in this fashion.
Well, let's see, then, shall we?
Two police officers have been disciplined for their part in a high-speed crash which killed a retired lecturer in Lancashire.
They were acquitted then?
Driver Pc Sean Schofield and instructor Pc Andrew Massingham were cleared of causing death by dangerous driving.

But both men have now been removed from traffic duties and given a warning.
Yup. Still, given a warning, eh? Harsh...

Naseem Malik, IPCC Commissioner for the North West, said:
"..."It was clear from our independent investigation that the driving of these two officers fell well below the required standard," she said.

"It is essential that lessons are learned and action is taken to ensure the standards expected of police drivers are maintained.
Hmm, lessons learned, eh...? I've heard that one before somewhere.

Oh, and I left a bit out of the statement - he also revealed
"....that Pc Massingham was later convicted of a speeding offence while under investigation for the crash."
He sure didn't learn any lessons, did he?


Stan said...

The lesson I've learned is that progressive liberals will always fail to learn from lessons. That's why they keep pursuing the same policies even after they have been demonstrated to be total failures. That's basically why I went from being a socialist to a conservative - only to find they'd turned progressive as well!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Using the phrase "lessons must be learned" and searching one media outlet (al-Beeb) for one politician (Gordon Brown Esq.) gets rather a lot of hits:




Anonymous said...

I think you'd get more hits with the word 'outrageous' lately. He seems to think that's the new buzzword to be trotted out for the tame press.

Baby P? 'Outrageous'. The Bombay terrorist attack? 'Outrageous'