Friday, 7 November 2008

Even If We Lose, We’ll Still Make Sure You Do Too…

Drivers who challenge speeding fines should be made to pay their legal bills even if they win their case, ministers said yesterday.

The proposal would see successful defendants lose their century-old right to claim back their costs.
Well, what’s a ‘centrury-old right’ when put against the needs of our governing classes to not be made fools in front of the whole nation by people the ‘Independent’ disapprove of, like this man?

Even if he couldn’t win so many cases were not the police and CPS often incompetent…
Motoring groups and lawyers said the proposal was a breach of fundamental legal principles.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: 'This is against the common law and against the common man. If you prove your innocence you shouldn't have to pay for it.'
Nice try, Mr King, but ‘the common man’ is the new enemy – particularly if he’s one of those cursed bloggers that cause dear Hazel so many problems!
Ian Kelcey, head of the Law Society's criminal law committee, called the scheme a disgrace.

He added: 'This means that an awful lot of people will not be able to get a fair trial. They will not be able to get a proper defence.'
That’s not a bug, Mr Lelcey – it’s a feature…
The proposal comes in a consultation paper published by Jack Straw's Ministry of Justice. It says those before magistrates on minor charges should defend themselves.

Lord Bach, a junior minister, likened those who use lawyers in lower courts to parents who pay for private education.
Those fiends! And we all know they will be condemned to the Ninth Circle of Hell, along with patients who pay for top-up drugs, people who put their recycling in the wrong bin, and those arrogant swines who presume they have a right to make fun of our glorious leaders
Jeanette Miller, of Geoffrey Miller, a leading motoring law firm, said: 'To do away with costs in these cases appears to go against the interests of justice.

'People will not be able to afford lawyers, particularly specialist lawyers who know what they are doing. Are we going to see people denied the right to a lawyer at all in the future?'
I wouldn’t be a bit surprised…

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Anonymous said...

The process will also be the punishment. What a bunch of wankers they are. Not a day passes without them tightening their grip on our throat.

Still, if you've got nothing to hide, etc...and all that bollocks.