Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fortunate Coincidences...

The police chief who ordered the raid on Damian Green's home played a key role in trying to help the Home Secretary force through the plan to detain terror suspects for 42 days without charge.
But he didn't tell her they were planning to arrest a Tory MP and search his Parliamentary office.

Yeah. Sure....
There were claims yesterday that Acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson tried to distance himself from the controversial decision to arrest Mr Green when he was challenged by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

In a series of phone calls on Thursday, Mr Johnson made it clear he thought the move was unnecessary.

He told Sir Paul that if the police wanted to question Mr Green, they should ask him to visit the nearest police station - since there was little prospect of him declining or leaving the country.

Sir Paul is said to have told him that the decision had been taken by Mr Quick. In his previous post as Chief Constable of Surrey, Mr Quick was called 'crackers' by a local councillor for hiring security guards to protect Surrey Police Headquarters in Guildford.


Anonymous said...

The Mayor of London was told.
The Speaker was told.
The Saergeant at Arms was told.
The Leader of the Opposition was told.

Apparently, though, the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister were not told.

And if you believe that, ladies and gentlemen, you will believe anything.

Anonymous said...

Bet there are some who really do believe that...