Friday, 21 November 2008

Even MORE Snouts In The Trough…

Tens of thousands of civil servants are being recruited despite the economic crisis and the poor state of public finances, research showed.
So much for ‘prudence’…
Doug McWilliams, the CEBR chief executive, said: "There is an issue of how the pain should be shared out. What is clear is that the public sector is insulated from the pain and is getting special privileges.

"The Government should focus more on tax cuts to stimulate demand rather than on an expansion in the public sector. They have got to stimulate the economy."
No, they haven’t. They are politicians – they are looking to shore up the votes for the coming election. And if you can buy voters, well, that’s the only ‘stimulation of the economy’ they currently care about.

And at least one person has spotted the real lurking iceberg in these choppy waters, as has ‘Ranting Stan’:
Mark Wallace, of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "It is unsustainable to have fewer and fewer private sector workers paying for more and more public sector workers.

"The state wage bill, not to mention the future pension cost, is putting a crippling burden on the economy."
Yes, the future pension costs far, far outweigh the current wagebill costs for these extra public sector workers.
Ministers indicated that they were preparing to abandon plans to close 25 Jobcentres – saving more than 2,000 public sector jobs.

Tony McNulty, the Employment Minister, said that with unemployment expected to surge, workers would need the help of a local Jobcentre.
Now, that’s chutzpah!


Longrider said...

Tony McNulty, what a piece of work. Still, you do have to admire the sheer gall.

Anonymous said...

You really do, don't you...?