Wednesday, 26 November 2008


The man charged with providing the President-Elect with information about the US media regulator spends his spare time fighting monsters and completing quests on the fictional planet of Azeroth.
Well, his boss seems to base most of his policy decisions on fantasy rather than reality, so he’ll be well prepared.

And at least it’ll be a far cry from the West Wing portrayal of White House staffers as technological incompetents.
He has invested so many hours in the game that his "Tauren Shaman" character has reached Level 70, one of the higher ranks.
Pfft! You can tell the ‘Telegraph’ chap is a bit of a dud at reporting – it’s a level 80 cap now, noob!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Thanks for the upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but what's the point of linking to a blog that needs a password?

(I refer to Blognor Regis)

Anonymous said...

Needs a password..? It didn't when I looked at it yesterday!

I'll take a look now.

Anonymous said...

Ooo-er! That's very odd.

Not sure how you are supposed to 'contact the blog author' either, if you can't see the blog itself and therefore any contact details that might be on it...

I expect a setting has been changed accidentally - I'm sure it'll be rectified quickly (I hope).