Friday, 7 November 2008

The BBC: Contemplating The Important Issues…

US President-elect Barack Obama is still working on the make-up of his cabinet. A far more important decision - for his daughters at least - will be choosing the puppy that accompanies the new First Family to the White House.
According to Tamar Geller, a California-based celebrity dog "life coach" (yes, really!!), things may not be rosy in the new Messiah’s White House:
"We need to make sure that the dog is not afraid of loud noises because he may hear loud arguments in the Oval Office, and he mustn't be afraid of people with beards and turbans and so on because he is going to meet a lot of foreign dignitaries."
Say it ain’t so, Tamara! Surely Obama will simply charm all comers…?
The priority, she says, is that the pet the Obamas pick is comfortable with children and impeccably behaved at all times, particularly with visitors.

"Can you imagine the dog jumping on Putin, or lifting his leg and peeing on the curtains, or nipping at Gordon Brown?" she says.
Oh, yeah. I’m imagining it right now… ;)


Anonymous said...

"nipping at Gordon Brown"? Get an adult kodiak bear, Obama. Please.

Anonymous said...

Well his muslim guests won't appreciate the presence of a dog that's for sure.

WV: menhog

(What is google trying to say?)

Anonymous said...

"(What is google trying to say?)"

Lord only knows. I haven't signed in, so I'm seeing one, and it's 'daybap'...;)

James Higham said...

the new Messiah’s White House

Just ran a post on that issue. It's worrying how his politics are trivialized phraseology but the real killer issues are hidden behind the rhetoric.

Thee's trouble coming.

Anonymous said...

If no other plausible candidates present themselves, you might want to send Democrat HQ that picture of [?] Fluffysnookums. He looked a suitably vicious little brute.

Anonymous said...

"He looked a suitably vicious little brute."

I suspect there's only room for one uncontrollable bitch in the WH.... ;)