Sunday, 2 November 2008

Today's Other Manufactured Complaint...

Stephen English, who is heterosexual, says he was called a "faggot" and "Mr Franglais" by fellow members of staff at the blind and awning firm where he worked.

He alleges that the barbs began after a sales manager discovered that he went to boarding school and now lived in the Sussex seaside town, which has a large gay population.
So he's suing. And providing a nice little earner for the lawyers:
The court must now decide whether EU employment law designed to outlaw bias on the grounds of sexual orientation covers homophobic abuse of a man whose colleagues knew he was heterosexual.
Yeah, it's a puzzle.

But Mr English seems a bit of a puzzle himself:
Mr English, who has been married for 20 years and has three teenage children, decided to take legal action after his attendance at Brighton's Gay Pride parade wearing "skin-tight Lycra cycling shorts" was mentioned in the Thomas Sanderson Blinds in-house magazine.

Now, if this is a joke and he didn't attend, it's in poor taste (though suing for libel would then be more appropriate). But if he did attend....

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