Friday, 7 November 2008

Well, He’s Made A Good Start!

Judge Colin Smith sentenced Elmansouri to life detention and ordered he serve a minimum of seven years before he can be released. He will remain on licence for life. He was also sentenced for a further seven years for the two counts of grievous bodily harm, to run concurrently.
Concurrently…? Might as well not have bothered imposing them at all then…
The judge said: "Despite your youth and lack of previous convictions I have to regard your conviction for the attempted murder of Ahmad as an extremely grave offence.

"The circumstances graphically illustrate the consequences which can follow from the production and use of a knife and the catastrophic effect such a crime can have on a victim of such conduct and on the victim's family and of course on your own family," he told Southwark Crown Court.
‘Lack of convictions’, your Honour, merely means this little waste of oxygen hadn’t been caught yet.

Or are we to believe this was really his first offence? Because he doesn’t look much like an overachiever to me…

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