Monday, 3 November 2008

Expect To See More Of This In The Future

It appears we may have our first real ‘community punishment’ (assuming the initial suspicions about motive prove correct):
A man stabbed to death yesterday after a gang broke into the house where he was staying had just completed a jail term for killing two friends in a car crash.
How long did he serve?

A year. For this:
Ayres was sentenced to two years in jail at Winchester Crown Court in October last year after admitting causing the deaths of Callum Forbes, 15, and John Bryant, 18.

The court was told that Ayres had been driving at high speed in a Peugeot car, going the wrong way around roundabouts and overtaking dangerously. He lost control of the car, bounced off a kerb and hit a tree outside a school in Fleet. As well as the two boys who died, two other teenagers were injured and Ayres suffered a punctured lung.
All the usual bromides about ‘taking the law into your own hands’ not being the right thing to do, etc, etc, but if the courts don’t punish offenders, then the aggrieved relatives are going to impose their own justice, where they can.

Not everyone’s as pragmatic about this as I am, though:
A source at Frimley Park Hospital said that staff at the accident and emergency department had been deeply traumatised by the stabbing and the fact that they had been unable to save the young man.
Perfectly understandable. But somewhat misguided.

Karma’s gonna get you….


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Anonymous said...

"deeply traumatised"

Typically overstated rubbish: the things A&E professionals have to cope with every day are the deaths and severe injuries of some of the people they treat. If they were genuinely "deeply traumatised" they couldn't function - then or afterwards. In this case they might have been regretful that their efforts to save this scrote were ultimately unsuccessful - they might even have been very upset, but "traumatised"? Puh-lease!!

Anonymous said...

Good. I'm glad people are taking justice into their own hands, because it clearly hasn't been served by the perjurer that passed the sentence, or the perjurers that released the scum before even that pathetic punishment had been inflicted.

Of course, the people that disposed of this garbage should really have directed their wrath at the above. That would really get something done, although I'm not quite sure what.

Anonymous said...

"...before even that pathetic punishment had been inflicted."

No doubt another 'early release' winner. I wonder if his death will show up on the statistics of 'people who would be alive if not for early release'...? ;)