Monday, 2 June 2014

Ahhhh, Brighton... of the fruitcake:
A masked woman thought to be carrying an imitation pistol caused a major disturbance in a busy shopping street after climbing up scaffolding, apparently to sunbathe.
Police officers spent three hours trying to coax the woman down from the four-storey Garnet House in St George's Road, Brighton yesterday.
Eye witnesses told how the woman was acting strangely while on the scaffolding and removed her clothes and put a dead seagull on her head.
Is that really strange in Brighton?
Those in St George's Road at the time described how up to seven police cars, a police van and two fire engines attended the scene. There was a subsequent road closure causing major disruptions for a number of local businesses in the street.
Well, of course! The poor bloody public's inconvenience is as nothing, compared to the need to safeguard the health & safety of some mental case, right?

I mean, it's not as though the emergency services will face any consequences...
Steven Ashwood, owner of St James Furnishing carpet shop in St George's Road, said: “The woman climbed up the scaffolding and started sunbathing on the top.
“They put up a police cordon so unfortunately all the businesses were shut off.
“We had a delivery at the time so they had to drive all round the houses and then we had to walk to pick it up.”
Isn't it time the police had to answer - financially - for these decisions? It might make them a little but less quick to put an attention-seeking loon's 'rights' before those of the poor sods who have to pay for all this...


Anonymous said...

Not my comments but Brightoners'. Some funny, some ....

Kennywhizz said...

The theory is good but the policfe don't have any money do they, other than that which we are forced to pay for them??
We'd be paying anyway??

Anonymous said...

We've been down this road before, Julia (no pun intended). Perhaps you could explain, in some detail, exactly how you would have dealt with the situation while obeying the numerous laws of the land and preventing injury, or worse, to anyone involved, plus avoiding damage to property? Just saying, "Well I wouldn't have closed the road or used so many Police units or Fire Services." isn't sufficient. What would you have done?

Bucko said...

She wanted to sunbathe naked on top of scaffolding with a dead bird on her head?

Leave her to it. She would come down once she got bored.

Anonymous said...


One round .303 using a Le Enfield would be a cheap and cost efficient solution. Failing that adequate mental health provision would be a second.

Anonymous said...

The first solution isn't worth commenting on. The second solution would require 2 doctors and a social worker. While they may agree she had a mental problem, she is still on the roof. Your next move, without using the Lee Enfield, would be......?

ivan said...

Bucko, my thoughts exactly, just leave her to it with one bobby at the bottom ready to grab her when she decides to come down - problem solved.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Your next move, without using the Lee Enfield, would be......?

Seal the exits and don't let her come down.

Seen it done in Russia. Works well.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX two fire engines attended the scene.XX

No, they did not.

UNLESS, of course, in the interests of "greenness" th Brighton council have returned to using steam powered horse drawn water pumps.

What attended were fire APPLIANCES!

JuliaM said...

"Some funny, some ...."

Usually the best bit of any local rag!

"What would you have done?"

Nothing, perhaps? These people thrive on drama, and the sense of (false) self-worth they get.

Why keep giving it to them?

"UNLESS, of course, in the interests of "greenness" th Brighton council have returned to using steam powered horse drawn water pumps."

I think the plan is to sing 'Kumbayah' until the fire burns itself out... ;)