Sunday, 29 June 2014

Not Exactly Finger Lickin’ Good…

Sarah Crouch, 34, was at the London Road branch of KFC in Brighton when her two year old daughter Rebecca found the “sharps bin”, used to dispose of hypodermic needles.
She said: “My daughter was bending down touching a box and I realised it was a sharps box used by heroin users.
“The people who use them can have any sorts of germs and diseases.”
Quite. Especially if they are eating at KFC!
She added: “You don’t have something like that in a family restaurant.
“At the end of the day, it could have been so much worse.
“My little girl has been traumatised by the event and I’m pregnant so my hormones are going crazy.”
*nonplussed face*
A spokesperson for KFC said that it is not their policy to provide sharps bins and they will be working with the restaurant on London Road to provide “alternative ways” to deal with any issues they are experiencing.
Well, thank goodness for that. They will still provide those little moist towelettes and the extra tomato ketchup sachets, I hope?


Rickie said...

KFC, you can't beat it.

If I had to choose my last meal to eat before being hanged or shot then it would be a KFC original recipe.

Bucko said...

There's only one possible way her nipper could have been 'traumatised' by this.

Because of her idiot parent over reacting

Twenty_Rothmans said...

I agree with you, Rickie, at least that shame one feels afterwards won't be long-lived.

Mrs Crouch, a full-time carer

As she's pregnant, can we safely assume she'll be getting maternity leave from her employer?

Woman on a Raft said...

Surely it is just a pragmatic solution to a problem? I doubt KFC want people using their restaurants to take drugs, but if they cannot be stopped, then it is sensible to put the sharps bin in so that they do not fall foul of occupier liability rules.

blueknight said...

A few years back I found myself in another fast food outlet in the same road. I looked across and saw a woman who was clearly 'out of it'.
I told the staff she might need an ambulance.
They were not convinced, even though said female was face down on the table.
Watch this I said and squeezed her earlobe between finger and thumb. 'She cannot even feel it' I said. Then I squeezed as hard as I could after about ten seconds she reared up and knocked a carton of McShake on the floor. She staggered out met some others and wobbled off down the road. There is clearly a problem in the area.

andy5759 said...

There is clearly a dealer in the area. It sounds like Hell on Earth there, thank God I don't live in a place like that.

JuliaM said...

"If I had to choose my last meal to eat before being hanged or shot..."

Because the end would then come as a blessed relief..? ;)

"As she's pregnant, can we safely assume she'll be getting maternity leave from her employer?"

You mean, us?

"There is clearly a problem in the area. "

To be fair, if my councillors were Green fruitcakes, I'd probably be on smack too.