Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Admirable, But…

Two twin sisters are doing their bit for breast cancer, in the teeth of the established charities & the identity politics crowd:
It was a decision that led some charities and anti-Page Three campaigners to accuse the pair of sexualising the disease, trivialising the emotional and physical damage that breast cancer can wreak.
I ask whether they ever worry about alienating charities that have backed them from the beginning.
"We don't need everyone to agree with what we do," Kris says. "But if Page Three is here to stay, then we're going to use it for something good.
"We've had one lady come forward, an avid Sun reader, who because of the campaign has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. That's gold, right there, and should shut anyone up," she adds.
It should indeed, but will it..? Probably not.
They take their message to music festivals across the UK and have set up their own "FestiFeel" to show young people that "boob love rules".
They're even off to Parliament at the end of the month to talk to MPs about putting cancer awareness on the school curriculum.
Isn't it already crowded enough?


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX who because of the campaign has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. XX

She should have taken up smoking.

This Capaigning hobby obviously causes cancer.

Robert the Biker said...

Hmmmm boob love.....

"Come here ladies and have your bOOb loved"

Alright officer, I'll come quietly ....

JuliaM said...