Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Well, In A Way, It Was 'Related To Floodwater'...

...albeit not quite in the way people envisaged:
Hosted on the website 38 Degrees, the campaign is aiming to hit the key 100,000-signature threshold needed to trigger a debate in Parliament as to what caused the death of seven-year-old Zane at his home in Thameside, Chertsey, on February 8.
Zane died from an unspecified illness, believed to be related to floodwater in the family home.
No need for a debate:
Surrey Police said today: ‘Further tests have now been completed by the pathologist who has given a result of carbon monoxide intoxication.
‘A petrol-driven pump was seized from inside the home address at the time of Zane’s death and Surrey Police is conducting further inquiries to establish whether there is any liability or criminal offences in respect of the hire company who provided this equipment.’
What about the parents who used the pump?
Vijay Ganapathy, from law firm Leigh Day, who is representing the Gbangbola family, said: ‘We welcome this full post-mortem report, which will form part of the information provided to the coroner when the full inquest into Zane’s death takes place.
‘We await further information provided by other agencies following their investigations, as many questions still remain unanswered into what toxins were present within the property on the night of Zane’s death.’
Is 'utter stupidity' considered a toxin?


Anonymous said...

So to get this straight, they ran a petrol engine inside their house and killed their kid. Now they want some money from other peoples taxes.
I liked the neighbours comment; “I am in no doubt, with global warming, that it will flood again. What will it take, how much loss of life will there be, before they do something about it?”
It's all global warming's fault, won't somebody make it stop.

Anonymous said...

The Earth has been cooling for the past 18 years.

Stupidity is however, increasing.

Anonymous said...

Their ethnicity gives them permanent someone-else-s-fault status.

Furor Teutonicus said...

xx Vijay Ganapathy, .... who is representing the Gbangbola family.xx

Oh fer FUCKS sake!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can I sue the parents for my distress at their ineptitude?

Anonymous said...

Who sold them the utter stupidity Julia? This is surely the main point considered by CPS in the decision not to prosecute. The illegal purveyors of utter stupidity are clearly the main threat to civilisation as we once knew it.

JuliaM said...

"Now they want some money from other peoples taxes."

Got it in one.

"The Earth has been cooling for the past 18 years.

Stupidity is however, increasing."

Because we're encouraging it.

"Who sold them the utter stupidity Julia?"

The progressives! And it was 'buy one, get one free' with entitlement.