Tuesday, 17 June 2014

And This Is Why We Have A Discipline Problem In Schools…

Mr Smith spoke out after the school was recently placed into special measures following a damning Ofsted inspection report. He said: 'The children were all talking in class and were told to be quiet, but my daughter kept on talking.
'He should just have sent her out. You cannot lay a finger on children.'
Well, no. Thanks to the progressives.

And that’s why sulky-faced little chits like your daughter feel perfectly entitled to ignore directions from adults in authority over them and go running to daddy over the inevitable consequences.
'I was at work when it happened, but my daughter told me when I got home and the next morning I went to the school. I was fuming.'
You should be embarrassed. But because people like you don’t do shame, you’re perfectly happy to blab to the newspapers, thinking that you come off looking like a concerned and responsible parent, and not like a childult having a temper tantrum.

Probably because, like so many parents these days, that’s exactly what you are. And it’s clear you’re raising your daughter in your image…
Mr Smith, who lives in Woodville, Derbyshire, said he was angry that the teacher in question was never suspended and remains at the school. He said: 'The teacher apologised but has not been punished enough, in my opinion, because he didn’t get suspended and is still working at that school.
'I heard about teachers in another school doing it and they were suspended, so why not here?' He said he was reluctant to send his child back to the school, but did so after she said she was missing her friends.
Ah. Not to further her education, then? That sums it all up, doesn’t it?


Macheath said...

'The teacher [...] has not been punished enough, in my opinion...'

It's another of those situations - especially given the media involvement - where there is surely an unspoken financial subtext.

There is a long-standing belief among pupils and parents that any 'assault' - physical or verbal - by a teacher entitles its victim to compensation.

I know of a case where the school secretary overheard the supposed victim of an assault discussing with his star witness exactly what their story should be and how the two of them would share out the proceeds.

(The fact that, even after that, the head took the allegation seriously and issued the teacher [who had acted entirely within the rules] with a formal warning - 'a matter of policy' - says much about the state of education today.)

Quiet_Man said...

Tbh if I'd gone home and complained that a teacher had done that for talking in class, I'd have risked a punishment off my parents too.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot lay a finger on children."

A pick-axe handle is not a finger..

Michael said...

Silence is golden, Duct Tape is Silver...

Squires said...

'I heard about teachers in another school doing it and they were suspended, so why not here?'

Read as: "Sally got an apple why can't I get an apple too!", from the kid who wouldn't stop picking his nose all the way through the trip to the zoo.

Or, little boy caught stealing a cookie: "Why do I get punished Sally stole a cookie too why don't you punish her!"

In short, being a little shit.

JuliaM said...

"...an unspoken financial subtext."

Possibly, though we shouldn't totally discount the need for everyone's 'five minutes of fame'.

Thank, Andy Warhol. Thanks a bunch!

"...I'd have risked a punishment off my parents too."


"Silence is golden, Duct Tape is Silver..."