Thursday, 19 June 2014

And She Looks So Harmless In The Picture…

A mum has been banned from her childrens’ school amid claims she is “aggressive” and “intimidating” .
Victoria Kidd-Dove, 33, has to wait outside the gates at the Phoenix Primary School, in Leinster Road, Laindon, to pick up her children, and is not allowed to go to their sports day or summer concert.
Staff have warned her if she breaches the ban, which was put in place by the governing body, the police could be called.
If by now, you’ve got a mental picture of this fragrant flower of femininity, then you’re probably right. Not so much Yummy Mummy, more Scummy Mummy (complete with tattoos & the now obligatory double-barrelled name).

So…what got her banned?
Mrs Kidd-Dove, of Elizabeth Way, Laindon, first got into an argument with teachers in March after sending ten-yearold son Sam to school with a bottle of ibuprofen when he was feeling under the weather. She admits she “kicked off” after being told pupils were not allowed to self-medicate and accepted a week-long ban from the school premises.
Ah, well, there you go then!
The governors then agreed Mrs Kidd-Dove should stay on probation – and she was shocked to find out last week she had been banned once again for her “aggressive and intimidating behaviour”.
She insists she has had no contact with staff at the Phoenix Primary School.
Hmm, really? Maybe they just realised how nice it was without some screaming harridan liable to turn up to collect their little benefits-farm and thought they’d just extend it.

Who could blame them?
The Echo contacted the school, but was told the decision had been made by the governing body and they therefore could not comment.
A spokesman for Essex County Council said they would not get involved in the matter and could not give information as to how many bans are in place across the county.
I suspect the answer’s ‘not enough’.


Curmudgeon said...

What is it about the underclass increasingly getting double-barreled names?

Like Amy Winehouse's repellent husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

MTG said...

"I'm ready for my close-up but make sure to get really close, Mr. DeMille."

bobo said...

Perhaps they should have treated her with Kid-Gloves.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Nice tan and tats.

Macheath said...

Curmudgeon, I don't know about increasing; it was rife when I worked in an urban school in the 80s, teaching what could well be the grandparents of the current crop of double-barreled primary school children.

The idea, presumably, is to indicate sire as well as dam while denoting the legally informal nature of their relationship but, as several decades of experience have shown, it also provides a handy way for teachers to predict from the school register which child's parents will cause the most trouble.

Anonymous said...

There are some instances when being forceful, verbally aggressive and confident with teachers could be a good thing. Parents should have no hesitation about having a quiet (or even a not so quiet) word with a child's teacher if they started trying to fill the child's head with guff like 'Islam is a religion of peace'.

It would be morally and ethically justified to get arsey with a Lefty teacher who was indulging in promoting such falsehoods. Likewise it would be right to tackle teachers who spend more time on promoting the doctrine of man made climate change than teaching basic skills.

It appears that this school has a relatively sensible rule that children are not allowed to self medicate without permission. The teacher would have no way of knowing whether these tablets were authorised by the parent or have just been stolen by the child.

Children who do have long term conditions such as diabetes can in certain circumstances self medicate or self medicate under teacher supervision. However this doesn't appear to be one of the limited number of cases where self medication by the child should be permitted.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Don't be fooled. Her real name is Leika Bigge-Peyoff.

Anonymous said...

And the little darling? What is he learning at her knee? Who pays his way in life?

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh, Laindon...

Another pisshole.

Anonymous said...

Not enough detail - but what ever happened to being able to put your hand up and get some sensible treatment at school? And how were the 'drugs' found? Where are Plod and Soc. Servos in this (like did kid have a big full bottle or one or two tabs)? Who do we shoot first?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bit disappointed with this chavette....not hugely overweight or that ugly,and all her children were born when she was an adult.
I bet her family are ashamed...

JuliaM said...

"What is it about the underclass increasingly getting double-barreled names?"

It means mum has - at least tentatively - narrowed down the list of possible sires to one.

"... it also provides a handy way for teachers to predict from the school register which child's parents will cause the most trouble."


"However this doesn't appear to be one of the limited number of cases where self medication by the child should be permitted."

She'll have to wait until she's older. Then, I suspect, she'll be self-medicating with a will!

"Aaaahh, Laindon...

Another pisshole."