Saturday, 28 June 2014

“It’s Islamophobia, I Tells Ya!”

Carolyn Strange on what seems - to her - to be a curious decision:
Uthman Badar was scheduled to address the topic of "honour" killing at Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas in August. Yesterday, festival joint founder and co-curator, Simon Longstaff, announced that the talk had been cancelled, due to "the level of public anger" over the title: Honour Killings are Morally Justified.
Gosh. That couldn’t have been anticipated. Could it?
Badar had intended to "explain the world view that could lead people to assume that it was morally justified" to kill in the name of honour. Had the title been put in the form of a question, Longstaff conceded, members of the public might not have assumed that the speaker would condone the practice.
Heh! But wait! It’s not a semantic issue at all!
In Badar’s view, posted on Facebook, there was no difference between his "dangerous idea" and the others the festival has aired. "What is different is that I'm Muslim," he wrote, "one willing to intellectually challenge secular liberal ideology and mainstream values – and that says a lot about the true extent of freedom and equality in modern Western liberal democracies such as Australia."
Right. Sure. Ok. Of course. It must be. Right? There’s no other explanation.


Anonymous said...


Condoning criminal activity due to the fact that they are of a particular religious ideology. Oh happy days. Can we have a discussion on why forced repatriation of people of the Islamic faith is a good idea, and the bloody converts can join them too as they are so keen on the idea. Especially Cherie Booth's imbecilic sister.

Ted Treen said...

"...Especially Cherie Booth's imbecilic sister..."

Especially if she takes her sister and brother-in-law with her.


Anonymous said...

To be fair to the festival they have at least stumbled onto a genuinely dangerous idea. Their usual fair is a mish-mash of bad, but conventional, left wing ideas.

JuliaM said...

"Especially if she takes her sister and brother-in-law with her."

They're like boomerangs, they'd come back.

"To be fair to the festival they have at least stumbled onto a genuinely dangerous idea."