Saturday, 14 June 2014

It’s Official – The Police No Longer Work For Us…

…instead, they work for the progressives, pandering and kowtowing to every identity group under the sun, and scorning concerned taxpayers who demand they do their jobs without fear or favour.

Angry villagers yesterday said riots could break out if police do not deal with hundreds of Roma immigrants who they claim have ruined their community.
Residents of Hexthorpe, South Yorkshire, said people would take the law into their own hands unless the authorities step in to combat anti-social behaviour. Aa public meeting yesterday, emotions ran high as 120 locals confronted police and council officials.
It’s not like this hasn't been a long time coming. The English are slow to anger, but as Kipling knew, when they feel they are getting a raw deal, beware!
Grandmother Elizabeth Boardman, a widow and former lollipop lady, said ..‘If they carry on like this people will take the law into their own hands and there will be riots in the streets and I will be blaming the police for not doing anything sooner.’
Her daughter, mother-of-four, Michele Boardman, 44, who is a full time carer to a disabled son said: ‘A Roma man threatened to kill my daughters and was holding a knife as they walked home one night.
'The police haven’t taken statements yet and the incident happened in April. They don’t care. ’
‘The police need to be firmer with them and act now or there will be riots here like there were eight years ago when Iraqi, Kosovans and English clashed. These people need to learn to respect the area they live in and the people they are living with.’
Odd that the police haven’t been round to take statements – perhaps they’d shift themselves a bit quicker if that man had Tweeted his threat?

Maybe it’s because they are too busy? Hmmm, maybe Taunton could spare a few officers, since they are so crime-free down there, they have to beg the public to be offended. Meanwhile, in Durham, the Gnome Squad could be more gainfully employed.
One angry resident told the police officers at the meeting: ‘We feel as though you are scared of them and it’s to hell with the British. We’ve lost faith in you. This is our village, it’s time you got off your backsides and start doing something.’
And that ‘something’ better not be more obsequious grovelling to identity politics. Nor an attempt to make those who are enjoying their right to fly their own national flag feel as if they are at fault, either:
Another resident said she had been warned to take down England flags she had put up outside her house for the World Cup bid, for fear of reprisals from the Roma community.
Just listen to the weasel words of the new breed of police inspector:
Inspector Chris Lewis, who is in charge of the team, said: ‘Everything is about raising standards - improving housing, cleaning up the streets, creating more open space, providing more recreational opportunities - helping people to take pride in the area.’
You useless waste of Common Purpose-indoctrinated skin! Rather than regurgitate some crap from your last diversity course, how about taking some action?

Meanwhile, in Gunnersbury Park:
It is one of the capital’s most beautiful parks, enjoyed by thousands who visit each day to stroll through 200 acres of landscaped gardens.
But Gunnersbury Park in West London has been ‘desecrated and despoiled’ by travellers who left 50 tons of rubbish and filth after illegally camping there for just three days.
A local school sports day was cancelled, along with a weekend charity run, because of health and safety fears.
So worrying did the situation become that, as a last resort, the park was closed on Wednesday evening.
Yup, all the normal hardworking taxpayers cower in fear while these people blatantly break the law under the very noses of those sworn to uphold the law of the land.
Yesterday the travellers threatened to attack anyone caught getting too close or taking photos of their new camp – Blondin Park in Ealing, a popular children’s play area in an affluent residential area.
One man said to the Daily Mail: ‘If you don’t **** off, I’m going to put my ******* foot through your camera. I do not mind going to prison for what I will do to you. ’
The heavily tattooed, muscular man added: ‘You do not have a right to be here. I will get all my friends here, then you’ll be sorry.’
The police soon arrived and asked the Press and local residents to leave for their own safety.
You couldn't make it up. And in modern England, you don’t have to…
A police spokesman said that following the report of a man in a car with a gun, specialist armed officers had been sent to the park.
The spokesman added: ‘There continues to be an increased police presence in the park to provide reassurance to local people.’
It’s an utter joke. How can you expect to ‘reassure’ people who know full well that you are not on their side, but on the side of minimum-fuss, don’t rock the boat, let’s all sing ‘Kumbayah’ diversity policy that relies on never, ever admitting that there’s a problem?


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Bricktop's manor isn't far from Ealing as I recall .... just saying.

Anonymous said...

"...people will take the law into their own hands and there will be riots in the streets"

See, here's the thing, the public's polite feedback being given to our 'leaders' is being largely ignored because they favour their ideology over reality which they can ignore*.

So the 'elite', who are not directly impacted by the criminals they have imported and favoured, will simply aim the police at the British and not modify their own behaviour because they have no ideological motivation to make them.
(Remember the countryside protestors!)

But the politicians recently got themselves into a snit because the messages politicians want to transmit through schools have been subverted.
They were politely warned by the British and did nothing (other than label normal people 'racist' and shout them down), but felt it sharply and reacted when the impact is on something they have an interest in.

So, if the 'elite' were given a real life motivation, such as being targeted for revenge (rather than the tattooed muscular criminals), then:
- the police will still be aimed at the British,
- but the 'elite' will suddenly find themselves aware of the oldest real-life motivation - self-preservation!

*I largely blame the MSM which is now a willing ideological political (s)tool thrown AT the public, rather than holding the politicians to account FOR the public.

ivan said...

It appears to be time for a company to get the design of the equipment the Israelis use to clear up around their cities and start building them in the UK.

Just run a couple of them through the illegal traveller park a couple of times and we might find the illegal parking stops.

Might also help to run them over a few of the petrol head cars the police use for highway patrol activities - it should put a few more boots on the streets rather than arses on seats.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the specialist armed officers could shoot some of them?

Furor Teutonicus said...

Are these arseholes ACTUALY "Roma?"

Or the usual shower of scumbag Irish Tinks?

Furor Teutonicus said...

xx Inspector Chris Lewis, who is in charge of the team, said: ‘Everything is about raising standards - improving housing, cleaning up the streets, creating more open space, providing more recreational opportunities - helping people to take pride in the area.’ xx

NOT your fucking job laddie!

Or did you mistake the Police application form for a Council workers form?

MTG said...

Roma types are already delighted with views of our torched cities in their crystal balls.

Rather than fritter resources on Language and violin lessons, plod should shown how to strike a happy medium.

Anonymous said...

I know the police wear yellow jackets, but I didn't know the colour went all the way through..

Furor Teutonicus said...

Not often I say it, but that was really rather good Melvyn. :-D

Anonymous said...

Once again Julia you rant about the police by linking several stories from all over the country which are completely unrelated.
Gadget on twitter saw you off though I noticed.
I'm sure you only publish this stuff to work Melvin and his mates into a frenzy.

andy5759 said...

One of your best compilations, Julia. Just the sort of thing needed to awaken those Jaded souls to the fact that there are patches NOT up to scratch. Methinks they may be up to snuff instead. It's the powders that be.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Kipling (not the cakes, I'm diabetic), I think "When the English began to hate" may be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate pikeys!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Once again Julia you rant about the police by linking several stories from all over the country which are completely unrelated.(...)


These incidents show a consistent pattern of police behaviour across the country, how on earth is that not a valid link?

Of course you could demonstrate that they are the rare exceptions by citing a far greater number of instances where the police have treated the Roma/"travelers" as strictly as they would non-Roma/"travelers" who behaved in exactly the same way.

We eagerly await your list of links.

MTG said...

Julia, the following well-written conclusions of a former plod, appear on the 'STOP STIGMA' blog. WC Jaded will smear them 'rants' but IMHO they are highly pertinent to your topic:-

"For most people, they who live largely apolitical lives, pay what they are told when they are told to pay it, and rarely encounter any serious crime, this gradual shift in the make-up of our society is barely noticeable. It is the result of a decade of salami slicing public services. It only becomes noticeable when you stick your head above the parapet and stop behaving like docile cattle. It is then one realises that the police are not public servants. They are policy enforcers who, when not serving the oligarchy, are serving themselves. They are the enemy. Perhaps then it is better that the police are retreating into barracks. It makes them all the easier to contain when the people wake up and realise what is being done to them. We do not want this filth in our neighbourhoods."

Anonymous said...

Let me go through each point you highlight here Julia in the interest of fairness. I'm not a police spokesman and all the opinions here are my own,after 25 years of policing and having dealt with numerous incidents.

Hexthorpe-a village of 3300 people where 500 foreigners have just arrived.How many police do you think are stationed in such a small place? Probably none I would guess so it's a learning curve on both sides.BTW who has let these people in? Successive governments you all voted for.
The knife incident-can't comment as only one side of the story is printed.I think in such a small place the police would be all over such a serious incident so there must be more to it than being reported.
Bulger tweet-I don't use twitter,it seems very sad.But if it is reported then the police must take action or the "victim" will then be pictured in the Daily Mail with a sad face and arms crossed moaning we did nothing.

Taunton preacher-some people are offended by strong religious views.But we shouldn't be trawling for victims.

Durham gnome squad-incredibly sad actions by the police like this which makes me cringe.Probably meant to be light-hearted but if my Sergeant asked me to do this he would be extracting the pointy end of one of the gnomes from an orifice of his choice.

Police learning Roma-once again cringe-worthy.I would refuse but then i'm long in service and have the guts to do so.Some of my mates wouldn't.

Gunnersbury Park-infuriating stuff but reading between the lines-70 travellers turn up and leave rubbish behind.Which ones specifically did the dumping? You can't arrest and prosecute all 70 as we need evidence.The courts tend to like it.As for the reporter getting threatened,had it been witnessed by police the culprit would have been arrested if I had been there.Once again it's about evidence and police numbers.
Most of the links I noticed were from the Daily Mail.As we all know they are fair and balanced towards the police!!!
Please feel free to shoot me down in flames all you arm-chair experts on here but at least I had the courage to answer some of the points!

I expect now to see a post listing seven or eight unrelated stories where police saved lives and helped victims beyond the call of duty, in the interest of balance.

Anonymous said...

I would not normally doubt the veracity of a person's employment declaration. Jaded appears to be no more masculine than vaginitis and for that reason, the vocational claim may also have be contrived.

Abnormality is evident in the wrath of this harridan who trawls the internet incessantly, in order to launch attacks upon any police criticism. Either that or this 'gentleman' doth verily protest too much.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful as usual Melvin. Another snotty, superior, sneering rant that you probably thought was very funny and once again contributed nothing to the debate.

Here's some questions for you to ignore.
1) What's you job?
2) What's your doctorate in?
3)Why do you hate the police so much?
4) Give examples of when the police have done you a disservice.
5) Why are you such an expert in policing matters (as well as everything else)?
Breath not being held.

Anonymous said...

As ever the grate british public in the recent euro/council elections displayed their apathy for democracy. More than 60% failed to vote at all. The majority of those that did still put their 'X" alongside Labour and Conservative. Ukip made some inroads but the sheeple continue to be turkeys voting for Xmas. We;ve got the society WE deserve and the Police 'WE' deserve.
If you didn't vote - fuck off. If you voted Lib/Lab/con - WTF you moaning about?

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Inspector Lewis: We aim to raise many standards identified by our diversity co-ordination committee so long as it isn't anything remotely resembling the standard associated with the patron saint of England.

Flies (sic) completely in the face of the UK police farce's attestation.

JuliaM said...

"..will simply aim the police at the British ..."

And it seems most of them are all too willing to be so aimed.

"Are these arseholes ACTUALY "Roma?""

In the Yorkshire case, I think they are.

"Or did you mistake the Police application form for a Council workers form?"

If so, he's not the only one...

"Once again Julia you rant about the police by linking several stories from all over the country which are completely unrelated."

As anon points out, they are indeed related.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX "Are these arseholes ACTUALY "Roma?""

In the Yorkshire case, I think they are. XX

The reason I ask, is because Britain appears to be the only place that has problems with these "land grabs," yet we all have Roma.

Why are those in the U.K so different?