Monday, 23 June 2014

First They Persecuted The Motorists…

…and people laughed and said ‘Well, they deserve it, but when you mess with my fast food…’
Committee member Colin Cook said the ban would only apply to traders given regular licences by the city council and that they could use existing polystyrene stocks up first.
How good of them!
He said: “We are trying to target the kebab vans around the city, to reduce the amount of litter that is not biodegradable. The change would be good for the environment and make the waste easier for us to dispose of.
“They may have to pass extra costs on to consumers, but I do not think it will be significant overall.”
Well, no, Great Thinkers of the Progressive World (like those in Seattle who have just arbitrarily raised the minimum wage) never do. They just expect reality to bend to conform to their will.
But former kebab seller Saeid Keshmiri, who ran a van outside Christ Church, in St Aldate’s, for 10 years, said the move would prove expensive for traders.
He said: “The council should consider offering subsidies for this scheme, or sell the packaging and utensils to traders itself for a reduced fee.
“It is great for the environment and for future generations, but business is already very hard at the moment because of the economy.”
Indeed so, but guess what, Saeid? I don’t want to pay for this (via my council tax) – let those who scoff greasy burgers do so!
Rasim Ulas, owner of city centre kebab van Posh Nosh, added: “All takeaway vans use these types of boxes, because they are easier for customers to walk and eat with.
“My business is just a small one and this could be expensive for me.”
But it won’t be, because you’ll pass this on to your customers, won’t you?
Zoe Brown, of Zoe’s Food Service based in Osney Mead, said she already uses mainly biodegradable containers, but that they were often twice the price.
She said: “It will affect a lot of people. I suppose it is good for the planet but it is a pain, especially if you cannot source it.”
Better decide, Zoe – the planet, or your bank balance!


Twenty_Rothmans said...

Fuck the planet.

I am sick of wading through the detritus left by the Untermenschen, most of it "eco-fwendwy".

Ultimately, this is picked up a by Pole, to whom it makes no difference if it's cardboard or polystyrene - except, of course, when it's raining, and the cardboard is impossible to pick up.

As far as I'm concerned, they can serve up caviar in Faberge fucking eggs as long as the scum who eat it are paying to have the mess cleaned up.

It may well be the case that some patrons of kebab vans dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully. But in the same way, McDonald's customers are paying to have drug addict vomitus, or perhaps a bag lady's accident, cleaned up.

JuliaM said...

"I am sick of wading through the detritus left by the Untermenschen, most of it "eco-fwendwy"."

Ditto :/