Monday, 16 June 2014

Bring ‘em On & Make ‘em Bigger!

Alex Andreou (yes, him again) on ‘defensive architecture’:
Step by selfish step we have arrived at the latest item causing outrage: a bed of metal spikes inside an alcove of a fancy new development on Southwark Bridge Road in London. "I think it's a good idea," one resident said. Speaking of "beggars and homeless people sleeping there", she added: "It completely affects the way the building seems, the appearance, and it's just not very nice." An Englishman's home is his castle, and that castle now includes a moat to keep the peasants out.
If only! Though the postman might object…
These "anti-homeless" measures are designed to move the destitute on to somewhere else.
Well, please god, will someone bring them in to Southend high street already?

Because I’m sick and tired of having to run a gauntlet of filthy, diseased beggars hassling passers-by for spare change every morning…


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Positively discriminating diversity architecture surely. Those spikes have been installed to make alcoholic fakirs feel at home.

Kath Lissenden said...

Here if you go into the city center you have to run the gauntlet of big issue sellers some are real some are fake, people siting in doorways with dogs and rugs, paper cups proffered, big sad eyes looking up at you "spare any change for the homeless", then to read in the local rag a few days later that the majority of these "beggars" are actually raking in as much as £800 a day and it's a full time occupation.
Some legitimate homeless people would make a change from the lying scroungers who are neither homeless nor poverty struck that we seem to get around here.
I gather the council in southwark have been instructed to remove the spikes after Boreus mayor of londinium dais it was wonders if Mr Johnson would like to offer the homeless his front garden for the night , maybe someone could put a sign up for him out side his door "free shelter for the homeless" see how he like them onions.

Ed P said...

Britain has the most support in Europe for those in need of shelter - there is absolutely no excuse for people sleeping on the streets. But some will of course spend the hand-outs on drink: if drunk they will not be admitted to the night shelters. It's typical of shouty leftards to make a fuss about it, but it's not really a Big Issue is it?

Twenty_Rothmans said...

The reason that London is so expensive is that we accept the scum of all nations, looking for a handout.

I wonder how many purple-faced, incoherent, swearing Scottish drunks Andreou hosts at his own home. The answer is probably zero, and like all leftists, he expects other people to do it.

If it wasn't hard-wired into his anus, he'd expect someone else to open his sphincter and push the stool out.

Then duly submit his copy to the Guardian.

Anonymous said...

I favour giving the benefits of inequality to the rich. With a kitchen full of Big Issue sellers, spontaneous capitalist ingenuity would soon have them clean and productive, leaving Julia free to play hopscotch in Southend. Or we could move to positive money and a job guarantee.

Anonymous said...

I was tending the front garden the other day when some neighbours, staunch Labour supporters, walked by with their 16 year old daughter, who had finished her school exams. We got chatting and I asked the girl what her career plans were. She replied that after College, she wanted to study politics at university, during which time she would join the Labour party, work her way up to Party Leader and after winning a general election, would become Prime Minister. Her parents looked at her with pride in their faces.
I then asked her what she would do as Prime Minister.
"I would give food and homes to the homeless." she said.
I replied that she didn't have to wait to be Prime Minister to do that.
She asked what I meant and I replied that she could mow my lawn, weed the garden, and tidy up the verge, I would give her £50 for this which she could give to the homeless man who hangs around the shopping centre to put towards food and accommodation.
She thought for a moment and asked why I didn't get the homeless man to do the gardening and then he would have earned the money himself?
I said, "Welcome to the Conservative Party!"
They walk by without speaking now.

JuliaM said...

"Those spikes have been installed to make alcoholic fakirs feel at home."


"Here if you go into the city center you have to run the gauntlet of big issue sellers..."

Who are all Romanian.

"...and like all leftists, he expects other people to do it."

Spot on!

"Or we could move to positive money and a job guarantee."

Who is going to 'guarantee' a job, then?

"They walk by without speaking now."