Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Yet Another ‘Human Right’…

Mr Oakley believes people should be guaranteed housing and utilities as a “human right” and feels more affordable housing should be built to drive down the cost of living.
Oh, really? And just who is Mr Oakley to demand this?
Trevor Oakley, 50, faces losing his flat in Inverness Avenue, Westcliff, next Tuesday, after getting £1,400 behind on his mortgage payments.
Ah. Right. Another dreamer who didn’t plan adequately for the future & got into difficulties.

Difficulties that he thinks you and I – in the shape of ‘the government’ – should bail him out of…
Mr Oakley, who got into financial difficulties about two years ago after his e-commerce business failed, said: “I just think people with mortgages need to understand that if they do get into difficulties, they are on their own.
“There is no Government magic wand.”
Quite rightly! Because people who do ‘get into difficulties’ will do just about anything to get out of them. But you’re above all that, aren’t you?
Mr Oakely has applied for about 50 jobs in the IT sector since income from his online bathroom fittings business started dwindling.
He has also completed part of a Phd and a teaching qualification, and says he tried delivering pizzas and fundraising for charities, on the minimum wage, but found the work so mind-numbing it felt like “mental torture”.
He said: “I literally couldn’t do them. I was unable.”
Millions of people are able; they probably don’t want to do them either, but they see them as a necessary evil or a stepping stone to something bigger. And they wouldn’t dream (unlike you) of basically advertising their unwillingness to work to all the prospective employers out there.

And that’s why you’ll be homeless.


Anonymous said...

I'd have agreed with AP's thrust here 20 years back. Too much has changed for me to hold with the self-reliance job now. Households should be able to convert homes into social housing. The real economy is flat and declining. Another big crash looks likely to most economists who think private debt matters and that most financial services are Ponzi schemes (following Minski). Most of this column's ridicule of Plod and our legal system is spot on. Yet more than 50% of us are on benefits of some kind or another, and all if we take QE, bail outs, interest rates and tax dodging into account. We need a Plan B.

Anonymous said...

If he's so clever why didn't he make a money tree instead of whining?

JuliaM said...

"Too much has changed for me to hold with the self-reliance job now."

I'm self-reliant. So are millions of people.

"If he's so clever why didn't he make a money tree instead of whining?"

The only logical conclusions is... he isn't!