Saturday, 13 May 2017

""Wait, No, Outrage Is OUR Weapon! You Can't Turn It On Us!""

It’s important for progressives to have in-group conversations about how we talk about our political enemies and the people who hurt us. It matters (and it’s telling) when men jump straight to misogynist tropes when criticising rightwing commentator Ann Coulter, or when thin people use fatphobic slurs to decry New Jersey governor Chris Christie. It’s also important to keep a grip on nuance in those conversations, taking into account a person’s track record (Colbert was a staunch advocate of marriage equality) and intent and willingness to listen and change.
"Because, hey, he's one of the good guys! Don't you get it? He gets a pass"
Colbert is now being investigated by the Federal Communications Commission, a relatively routine procedure, but alarming in the context of Trump’s obsession with punishing unfriendly media outlets and flirtation with amending the first amendment.
"What are you doing, people? The show trials are for the haters, not our troops!"
I’m happy to criticise Colbert (and my mentors and my enemies and myself), and to have a nuanced conversation about language and power with other good-faith actors. What I won’t do is fight some proxy battle against justice and equality because disingenuous bigots think they’ve found a loophole and I’m gullible enough to fall through it. Principles aren’t a game, a card you can sanctimoniously deploy...
"It's our trump card! The dealer isn't supposed to give it to you to use! What sort of game is this, anyway?"


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

SJWs shocked to discover that what goes around comes around. Oh dear. So sad. Never mind.

Evil laff.

JuliaM said...

"Oh dear. So sad. Never mind."

My feelings exactly! *settles in with popcorn*