Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Don't They Have The Dangerous Dogs Act In Norn Iron Then...?

Police said the incident was reported to them and the matter passed to the council's dog warden for investigation.
Belfast City Council confirmed it was investigating.
Wait, what? This could have been fatal!
Doctors told the family one injury was just 2cms from piercing the girl's heart.
She is to meet with doctors at the end of the week for possible nerve damage to her shoulder.
Why the hell aren't the cops investigating, instead of some council pen-pusher?
“I feel disgusted that the dog was off the lead, especially a dog like that, with kids playing,” grandmother Anne-Marie O’Dwyer said.
She said her granddaughter has suffered nightmares since the attack.
“She just keeps saying ‘Why did the dog jump me?' She just doesn’t understand. She didn’t go near the dog. The dog went to her.
“She could be dead, without a doubt."
Doesn't the PSNI operate to the same Dangerous Dogs legislation as the mainland?


Anonymous said...

One of those rare situations where termination is the acceptable method of treatment. In this case, a double euthanasia.

JuliaM said...