Monday 28 December 2020

Big Brother Is Watching You...

...and providing the evidence to hang himself.

What happened when they turned up would have been hard to believe had the farce not been filmed and recorded on the body-worn cameras of the officers from MLB.The two Metropolitan Police officers who attended the scene decided the offence was a 'civil' matter (it isn't) and, after refusing to arrest Richards, simply released him even though they were fully aware of his notorious track record.
...the men behind My Local Bobby, former senior Scotland Yard officers who were providing security in the store, were so frustrated by the response of the police they took out a private prosecution against him. Last week, more than 16 months and nine court appearances later, Richards was finally punished for his shoplifting spree. After pleading guilty to the Boots offence, he was ordered by Chatham magistrates to do six months community service, undergo 20 days of rehabilitation and pay £100 towards costs.

Yes, it's not enough. But it's something, something the stores are having to pay for, when it should be a job for the people paid to do it. 

Who mostly spend their time doing the things no sensible member of the public has at the top of their priority list: 

Meanwhile, elsewhere in London:James Cooper, who owns Body Transformation in Hampstead, north London, was stunned when seven officers turned up at his gym and tried to gain access.
He logged into his security system and watched as police and staff from Camden Council spent an hour banging on his doors.When they failed to gain access the officers went round the back and one tried to tamper with a key box secured to the gym wall in what Mr Cooper believes to be an attempt to get inside his property without a warrant.
Mr Cooper, who trains a string of high profile clients from celebrities to city CEOs and barristers, vowed to launch proceedings against the police.
'I can hear them saying they don't have a warrant because my system records sound as well. I'm just not going to put up with this any more.
'What has the world come to that seven officers spend an hour of their time standing around my gym?'

Well, what else do you expect them to do, Mr Cooper? Arrest thieves? Pshaw! That's soooo 1970s. 


The Jannie said...

Recent highlights include breaking up a carol-singing choir in North Notts and ignoring a near-riot in East Yorks. Frankfurt marxists ride again . . .

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot understand the apathy of the current generation of students. What the hell happened to the forceful student 'bottle' of the sixties?

You must have been there, JuliaM...we would never tolerate shit like this!

Anonymous said...

It seems the "that's a civil offence" must be in modern police training because it's the most common excuse used in my area to avoid taking action for criminal offences. I was recently the victim of criminal damage and when I reported it I was told it was a civil offence do not a police matter. It wasn't until I informed them that I knew better and was making an official complaint about the massaging of crime figures that the police suddenly remembered that yes indeed criminal damage wasn't a civil matter.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing new in this. I was fitted up by 2 coppers for a so-called traffic offence in 1966, and have known ever since that the bastards lie as they see fit, because they will always back each other up, and there's nothing you can (easily) do against two liars backing each other up against you on your own.

Anonymous said...

Why the bastard wasn't taken to a certain place and worked over, I'll never know. Surely somewhere in a Boots there ought to be substances that could be accidentally spilled over the perp that would stop him ever going near the place again.

Anonymous said...

Following similar incidents where the local officers did nothing over a spate of shoplifting, I suggested to the shop owner that the thief be sent a letter stating that he was banned from the shop and that if he entered it, it would be as a trespasser. The offence then changes from theft to the more serious offence of burglary - anyone who enters a building, or part of a building, and steals, commits the offence of burglary. So far, he has stayed away, but has received similar letters from other shopkeepers. Can't wait for the local Police to claim burglary is a civil offence.

JuliaM said...

"Frankfurt marxists ride again . . ."

With, it has to be noted, far more enthusiasm than they show for other work...

"You must have been there, JuliaM...we would never tolerate shit like this!"

Well, quite! When did 'Hell no, we won't go!' turn into 'Well, if you think it's best...'?

"...because it's the most common excuse used in my area to avoid taking action for criminal offences. "

Let's hope Priti's proposed new legislation for traveller incursions gets through, and that's one gate closed, at least.

"The offence then changes from theft to the more serious offence of burglary..."

Ah, if only police forces paid as much attention to trying to get a result as they currently pay to avoiding one...