Saturday 19 December 2020

On The Eighth Day Of Covidmas, Boris Gave To Me... 'Accident and Emergency' service you can't use unless you've pre-booked

And disunity in the Commons, the idiotic 'Rule Of Six', yet more mask insanity, four more contradictory rules on masks, a third mask policy U-turn, two-tier policing, and someone running the country I didn't get to vote for.


The Jannie said...

The national death service on the ball again - preparing for this winter - in 4king December!

Doonhamer said...

Bob Newhart, Spike Milligoon we need you.
Hello, Accident and Emergency? I would like to book myself in for treatment.
Certainly sir. And what is the nature of your injury?
Well, actually I am not injured yet but I want to book a slot.
We are sorry, sir, but we cannot book you in until you actually are injured.
So when I am injured I can come in for treatment?
No sir, you have to pre-book.
And what number do I ring to pre-book? And how far in advance of treatment do I have to book?
This number, sir, and I can not tell you how far in advance you must book.Thankyou,goodbye.
Hangs up.
Hello, Accident and Emergency? I am going to do some work on the roof and I would like to book myself in for treatment.I am not injured at the moment, but if I find I am still not injured by the time of my appointment I can phone and postpone the appointment. What is the minimum time allowed for the cancellation of an emergency appointment? Hello, hello?

JuliaM said...

"...preparing for this winter - in 4king December!"

It's rather like how, no matter how much taxpayer money in subsidies the government throw at the rail companies, falling leaves in October always take them by surprise!

"Bob Newhart, Spike Milligoon we need you."

I had high hopes for the new 'Spitting Image' but it seemed far too tame to me...