Monday 21 December 2020

Look Who's Back...

The top scientific adviser who quit after breaking lockdown to see his married lover played a major role in the dramatic U-turn on Christmas.
Professor Neil Ferguson was among those attending a meeting of Nervtag – the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group – to discuss the new mutant strain of coronavirus on Friday.
The key findings showing the variant was 70 per cent more transmissible were then presented by Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty to Boris Johnson.
If this doesn't finally hammer the nail of understanding into the heads of those who - unaccountably - are still backing Boris, what will?

The man who was caught ignoring his own advice in order to to dip his wick has now returned and demanded that everyone's Christmas be ruined, and instead of laughing and saying 'Which moron let this clown back in the door?' before firing them, the useless buffoon in No 10 decided to take his advice once again.

Who could still argue that this man is fit to be Prime Minister?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Not me.

Fahrenheit211 said...

I was moderately impressed with Johnson when he was London Mayor. He said the correct things and also tried to do the right things, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. I recognised that he was at the liberal end of the Tories but he was a refreshing change from Livingstone.

However as PM he has presided over a culture of lies, graft and incompetence on a massive scale. I voted for him and his party in December 2019 on the promise of a proper Brexit, border control and a restoration of those dearly bought freedoms such as that of freedom of speech. In all these areas and of course with regards to covid, he has failed. Sadly he's not just had a run of the mill political failure, he's actively made things worse.

I will no longer vote Tory and have lies made to me whilst that party trashes the country. I was a Boris enthusiast but he has turned out to be unfit for office and maybe he should go and do something commensurate with his abilities and become a lavatory attendant?

Stonyground said...

Well at least the guy in charge of acronyms is good at his job.

Thomas. said...

As a Lavatory attenedatm we could look forward to him taking holidays at his own convenience and not ours. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Makes sense when you remember that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Our rulers and betters have always been more equal than us serfs.

JuliaM said...

"Not me."

Good to hear! I fear he's now going to be the hero of the Brexit hour... 🤔

" PM he has presided over a culture of lies, graft and incompetence on a massive scale."

Especially incompetence! Yet now Brexit is within sight, it seems all that is being forgotten.

"Well at least the guy in charge of acronyms is good at his job."