Wednesday 30 December 2020

Quote Of The Month

Head Rambles nails the covid panic:  

"You can see how there was a huge number at the beginning, reaching a peak of 881. However, the second wave only achieved a mere 354 before declining again. This is hardly an overwhelming of hospital services when they had coped with well over twice that number before?
So they can hardly quote the old “flattening the curve” line again. They have twice the number of reported cases, but less than half the number of hospitalisations? Every indication says that hospitals can cope.
So why shut down the country again? The only answer I can think of is that they are concentrating on numbers and only numbers. They see their precious R number rising or the number of cases per 100,000 going up and they panic. They keep droning that “today we have X cases whereas last week we only had Y cases” or similar portents of doom. Any increase in a number is accompanied by furrowed brows and gloomy predictions.
Maybe they should stop worrying about the numbers on the screens and sit back and think about what these numbers actually mean in the real world? They should look at their figures in context."


Anonymous said...

My local online paper sardonically announced a 200% increase in cases and faded out with probable New Year lockdown. I then looked it up and it has risen to 6.

Anonymous said...

It’s not about the NHS,, or the science, it’s about controlling the populace while they install the NWO

Steve Samson said...

They're playing to a script, which is why it's so predictable.

JuliaM said...

"It’s not about the NHS,, or the science, it’s about controlling the populace while they install the NWO"

Once, I'd have said that's conspiracy theory. But...

Northish said...

We keep being told about excess deaths against the five year average. As we have had accurate recording of deaths for over 100 years, I thought I'd have a dig. I had a look at the stats for total deaths by year. Bad years are over 650,000, from memory 1985 and 1999, I think they were bad winters. I can't find a total for 2020, or even a running total to the end of November.
Fullfact made up a number (no, really, they did) using 2020 to September, then adding October, November and December from 2019 and still couldn't get to the 1985 figure.
I could find deaths per 100,000 of population by country, which are much lower in the UK than they have been This is mainly due to the arrival of the 5 to 8 million younger people that we aren't meant to talk about.