Thursday 17 December 2020

On The Sixth Day Of Covidmas, Boris Gave To Me...

...the idiotic 'Rule Of Six'

And yet more mask insanity. four more contradictory rules on masks, a third mask policy U-turn, two-tier policing, and someone running the country I didn't get to vote for.


MTG 1 said...

Off-topic apologies to JuliaM for this gem of Tony Martin retribution:

Mihai Dinisoae, 32, has been jailed for TEN YEARS for the 'manslaughter' of pillion passenger Joshua Molloy. The latter Pikey was thrown from a stolen bike and crashed into a lamppost following a speed chase through Newcastle because the thieves refused to stop. In default of effective policing, the vigilante driver chased the little darlings. My goodness!! Shouldn't the bike owner just have waited for the police to do nothing as usual...other than issue a crime number?

JuliaM said...

One thief permanently removed from society. That's a win in my book!